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Post by IIsweet »

Was just wondering and asking myself questions. How long did we sign Flores to? Reason I ask, is will KAM be signing defensive players to extensions regardless of whether Flores is here? We seem to have a bunch ofsafeties, yet if Flores leaves, do we utilize them all like BF does?
Will we be signing players based on this Aggressive style of D.
I love it. The players are flying around. What will we be doing in the off-season? Adding players to this scheme? Will Flores even be here?
I know that we are 5-4 and on a 4 game win streak, but again, I was just looking forward.
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Re: Flores

Post by makila »

We signed him to three year contract iirc. It really doesn't matter though, if he got a hc offer he's not staying as dc.

My prediction is he won't get a hc offer as long as the lawsuit is still pending and not done.