Watching Vikings Games

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Watching Vikings Games

Post by cmoss84 »

Hello all and let's have a great year with no injuries and no Erin Rodgerses.

I live in CA and usually get NFL Ticket, but was thrown off by learning today about YouTube taking over ($400).

Any feedback to the following questions are greatly appreciated! SKOL

1) Are there better options?
2) How many nationally televised games do we have?
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Re: Watching Vikings Games

Post by VikingLord »

Here's the schedule:

Nationally televised games are

WEEK 2 · Thu 09/14 · 7:15 PM CDT AT Philadelphia Eagles

WEEK 7 · Mon 10/23 · 7:15 PM CDT San Francisco 49ers

WEEK 11 · Sun 11/19 · 7:20 PM CST AT Denver Broncos

WEEK 12 · Mon 11/27 · 7:15 PM CST Chicago Bears

WEEK 17 · Sun 12/31 · 7:20 PM CST Green Bay Packers

There are also two games towards the end of the season that are listed as TBD (Week 15 at the Bengals and Week 18 against the Lions) which I assume could be nationally televised if they mean anything or JJ is going for 2,000 yards.

As for viewing options, NFL Ticket on YouTube is your best bet if you want to watch any game. There are plans offered with various benefits and conditions (see ... lan-matrix for more details). If you have YouTube TV it's a bit cheaper, and it's not a bad deal compared to going to a game.
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Re: Watching Vikings Games

Post by makila »

I am in OK, so I only get the national games on TV.

For non national games I generally use a VPN and stream under the table through nflbite, sportsurge, thestreameast, or a similar site. I'll put the radio call on for audio many times and mute the stream.

Few years ago you could spoof the yahoo app via fake GPS and set it to Minneapolis, and get the local game. Not sure that works anymore.