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Can't even remember the last time they played this poorly. OSU is toolin' 'em. Almost the end of the third and the Badgers are down 10 to Shutout.

Edit: They lost 10-7. OSU had 8 in the box and safeties sneaking up. You'd figure that would be the perfect time to carve the OSU defense up the middle and down the sidelines. When a team with a weak secondary sells out against rushing, you can victimize them for 15 yards at a crack. We've seen the Vikings do it against a capable quarterback and get torn to ribbons again and again. Yet the Badgers didn't do it! They were starting a new quarterback and I believe 5 or 6 new coaches so they went vanilla as you can get. Vanilla is fine, but the Badgers presented incoherent and flavorless gruel. No vertical passing, no skinny posts, multiple no running backs in the backfield (with Ball and an unseasoned QB?! LULZY), passing down field to the RUNNING BACKS (super duper redonkulous lulzness) took 'em 3 and a half quarters before they were doing play action (lolwut) and when they did it they got their only touchdown of the game.

The were bland and basic even by Big Ten standards. The Badgers are solidly average. How they were getting nationally ranked in the top 15 is beyond me.