Will Levis 1st game

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Re: Will Levis 1st game

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CharVike wrote: Wed Dec 13, 2023 10:00 am Sometimes where a QB gets drafted also plays a major role in their overall success. Purdy looks like he stepped into a perfect setup for him. He's in a great spot for his skill set. Almost looks like a Jimmy G clone style wise who did guide them to a SB. The kid the Panthers took No 1 is in a horrible spot. Lawerence last year was screwed. He's in a better spot now. Hall's ceiling is a backup QB. I think that's why they made the pick. You need somebody who can play a little bit. He made the team because he was a pick and not too many words about his play tells the story. In the situation we are in he may see some time if Mullen gets hurt or when we get eliminated which might not happen until the last week. I can't see Dobbs getting any more time.
Agree 100% on Dobbs. He hasn't earned any more time and if KOC puts him back out there except in the most extreme circumstance I think he can kiss any hopes he has of making the playoffs this year goodbye.

I'm not totally sure I agree on Hall's ceiling because I haven't seen enough of him. Its unfortunate for him and for all of us that he got hurt early against the Falcons because it appears he's not going to get the chance to show what he can do, but the fact he also hasn't positioned himself as the clear backup behind Cousins suggests he failed to impress KOC enough in practices and training camp to earn that opportunity outright.

I really believe if KAM and KOC want to take a swing at a rookie QB, this is their year to take that swing. They won't have a shot at the consensus top QBs coming out, but assuming they're sitting between 20-25 in the first round, they will have a shot a tranche of promising players who come out with some potential along with a few warts. This seems like a very deep QB class, so it's entirely possible they could find a gem if they do their homework.

Another option for them would be to ink Cousins to another short-term deal assuming he's healthy while they still draft a QB in the first. A move like that keeps them potentially in the mix while not forcing them to put a rookie behind center right away. Another option would be to stick with Mullens (assuming he does well the rest of this year) while they draft the guy they hope can be their franchise QB. Either move would take the immediate pressure off a rookie QB to perform right away which I think is what you're alluding to with Lawrence.

But I think unless the Vikings are high on Hall's potential, they're going to have to pull the trigger on a QB in this upcoming draft and likely in the 1st round.