The Justin Jefferson contract situation

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Re: The Justin Jefferson contract situation

Post by Cliff »

VikingsVictorious wrote: Fri Sep 15, 2023 9:09 am
Cliff wrote: Fri Sep 15, 2023 8:02 am

From a business standpoint, if he believes he'll stay healthy and believes he won't have a slump or even be more impressive, he stands to make more if he waits. So if they asked for a really high number, say he wants 40m and not 35m, the team may not be willing to go that high but he's willing to wait them out to at least get a better number later. The market goes up for WRs every year. Next year his stock will be even higher than it is now. Next season he still gets the signing bonus, except it'll probably be higher and he'll get wages set based on next seasons numbers which, again, should be higher.

This year his salary wouldn't have gone up regardless. The signing bonus can only happen once whether it's this year or next. If I felt my value would be even higher a year from now and I'm already a millionaire from my current salary and business dealings I know I wouldn't be in a hurry.
I personally wouldn't risk an injury that could cost me possibly $175million. If I were in his position I would sign now.
I don't necessarily disagree with you but I can also see why a person might not be in a hurry to sign. It might be something else, maybe he doesn't like the organization for one reason or another. That's certainly possible.
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Re: The Justin Jefferson contract situation

Post by makila »

Yeah there is always a possibility he just doesn't want to play for the organization.

I wonder if his camp wants a deal based on percentage of cap, vs a hard number each season. If that's what they keep saying for his "unique" deal.
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Re: The Justin Jefferson contract situation

Post by VikingsVictorious »

Justin is incredible. I do believe without question the best WR on the planet. However, he sure showed he was human when he fumbled IMO the game away last night.