Vikings at Seahawks 8/10/23 Live and post game chat

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Re: Vikings at Seahawks 8/10/23 Live and post game chat

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VikingLord wrote: Fri Aug 11, 2023 1:10 pm
Texas Vike wrote: Fri Aug 11, 2023 9:44 am Overall, our starting D looked solid. Standouts included Luigi Villain, Tonga, Pace Jr., and Cine. Cine made a few minor mistakes, but his aggression is something we need. I can see a future for him on this team, unlike his fellow 2022 draft mate, Booth Jr., who got burned bad in the second half.
I still can't believe nobody drafted Pace. I thought if he made it to the 3rd he'd be a steal there, and I never imagined nobody would draft him. If it is because of his size then the NFL draft process is hopelessly broken. If there was something else there that wasn't publicly known maybe I could understand it. Regardless, the Vikings got away with highway robbery getting Pace as an UDFA. I wouldn't be surprised to see Pace supplant Hicks as a starter if Flores is given free reign to decide that.

Cine seems to be coming along. It's good to see he has recovered from his injury, and I have to remind myself that basically he's still a rookie since he missed all of last year.

I wonder if Booth even makes the team. I know the Vikings are probably desperate at CB but his fundamentals seem off. He either lacks discipline to play fundamentally sound or he can do it and just chooses to gamble. Either way, when he blows a coverage he blows it bigtime. He's not just a step off - he's leaving guys wide open. No matter how much physical ability a guy has, playing corner requires a certain amount of discipline and awareness that Booth has not demonstrated so far. Let's hope Flores can coach him up because as it stands he is proving to be a huge liability when he's out there.
VL: I agree on all three points. Cine got criticized for last night's play on some boards (for his inability to tackle cleanly, etc.) but I loved how he was involved in so many plays. He's got a nose for the ball and is fearless--seems to love to hit, despite coming off a gruesome injury. I like what I saw. He has some refinements to make still, of course, but as you say, he's essentially a rookie. I think Flores can mold him into a solid player.

Booth? I just don't see it. I saw way more from rookie Mekhi Blackmon, Akayleb Evans and JoeJuan Williams. Those three along with Byron Murphy Jr. seem to be our main 4 CBs.

I was disappointed by McBride's play, but heartened by Ty Chandler, who was all over the field making plays: running, catching, blocking etc. He looked great.