8/14/22 PreSeason: Vikings vs Raiders in Las Vegas

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Re: 8/14/22 PreSeason: Vikings vs Raiders in Las Vegas

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VikingsVictorious wrote: Fri Aug 19, 2022 6:00 pm
JJBreaksRecords wrote: Fri Aug 19, 2022 5:45 pm

Mannion has never been a quality QB2, yet he is still here. If you think Mannion looks better than Mond, I want what you are smoking. I havent seen any improvement in Mannion since he has been here. Remember him last year? I think we have a better shot, if, god forbid, Cousins goes down, going with Mond. Go listen to Judd on PD and hear what he says about Mond's improvement. And what he thinks of Mannion. And he hates Mond, a lot.
JJ why so defensive. I agreed with at least part of your last comment. It was actually some original content that as far as I know didn't come from Stump. Did I ever refer to Mannion? Why are you bringing him up. I was talking about Mond only. Not in comparison to any particular player, but in comparison to the average backup QB. So if Judd hates Mond a lot he's more negative on him than I am. I just don't expect Mond to ever rise to the level of adequate Backup QB.

Just so you know my thoughts on Mannion I agree that Mond is more likely to rise to the level of adequate backup than Mannion, but that doesn't mean I need to believe that Mond will rise to that level.
There will never be an agreement on QB regardless if it's starter our backup with this team. Everyone has an opinion. Some feel Case is a great backup. IMO the guy sucks and yes he won a home playoff game thanks to a miracle. Whopee. Then the following week in the champ game first drive a TD and then nothing. Played like complete dog crap and his pick 6 turned the momentum. Any backup in the NFL could have done that including Mannion. So I see no difference in those two. Others will say the complete opposite. Case is with the Bills so I guess if Allen goes down they are still in the mix. I don't think so. He had his miracle run. I don't see it happening again. I say never but there is always a chance I guess. Like 1 in a billion. Mond didn't show anything that made me feel wow this guy is throwing the ball great. He's years away and was only selected because of the Kube connection with TX A&M. It was a favor for them giving him a coaching job and to help with their future recruiting. No more than that.