Dead time, your opinions,likes,dislikes

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Re: Dead time, your opinions,likes,dislikes

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makila wrote: Wed Jun 15, 2022 7:15 pm Kapp wins the thread. Sorry everyone else. Great post.

I worked on the operations side of a state wide newspaper for a decade before reading the writing on the wall (har har) around 2010 and leaving the industry. It's bums me out to see where journalism has gone. No longer is it important to be correct, just to be first. The news cycle is so short it's OK to be wrong. No one remembers a few days later. Gaaaahhhh.

I still subscribe to a daily delivered newspaper, and I am in my 40s. Very few of my peers do.

I like my newspaper. Haha.

I dislike inaccurate reporting.

I love John Randle, he is what made me a Vikings fan as a young teen. Then Moss.

I dislike Gary Anderson. Totally not fair. I get it. Ultimate team sport. Many factors go into a loss. That was my first true, "you got Viking'd" experience.

I like koc, so far. I like the atmosphere change. I hope it works. Kam I am in complete wait and see mode.

I like the wilfs made changes.

I dislike the wilfs belief of "just make the playoffs".

I like Kirk's durability. Product of him, or his desire to dump before anything can happen? Don't know. Bit of a chicken or the egg statement.

I like having other Vikings fans to talk with about the Vikings. I dont care if i agree or disagree. There are some good posters here. Oklahoma was full of band wagon Vikings fans who have all disappeared since AD moved on and aged. I like that it's back to very few of us where I live. Pre AD. Haha.

I dislike the offseason.

I like the idea for this thread.
Keep getting the newspaper. You enjoy it and it won't be around forever. The one good thing about "just make the playoffs" is that once you are in anything can happen. We just saw that last year with the Bengals. That team got hot at the right time. The Eagles did it not too long ago. I would have bet a ton of money that we were going to the SB before that Champ game. Everything seemed to be going our way. We have talent on this team right now so go for it.
My favorite season was 1987 when we got beat by the Skins in the champ game. We had a team full of great young players on both sides of the ball. We made the playoffs and got hot and beat teams on the road easy. That was a full squad effort. Even the champ game was a battle. Our team never gave up.