Ryan Grigson - Senior football advisor

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Ryan Grigson - Senior football advisor

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Grigson has an interesting background. His background is primarily in the scouting side. But he became the GM of the Colts and turned that team around quickly.
Grigson was hired by the Indianapolis Colts as their general manager on January 11, 2012, inheriting a 2-14 team from the year before. After the 2012 season, which put the Colts back in the NFL Playoffs with an 11–5 record, the nine win improvement from the previous year tied the third largest improvement in league history.Thanks to this turnaround, which included changing 70% of the roster,Grigson earned Executive of the Year honors from the Sporting News and Pro Football Weekly.
He made some bad moves. He was also blamed for shorting the career of Andrew Luck. He failed to build an offensive line and Luck took a beating.
But here is what to like about the guy when he went to the Browns. While working alongside GM Andrew Berry (and Adofo-Mensah) in Cleveland, he tried to use his past as an example of what not to do in the future, according to the story.
"It’s one thing he’ll readily admit is that he wishes he would’ve accomplished that a little bit better when Andrew was there,'' said Berry. "It’s something he really pounded the table about here in the offseason, the importance of [o-line quality and depth] to our long-term success.''
Yes the guy fell backwards but at least he realized his short comings. The Browns OL was ranked no. 8 by PFF. It's hard to say how much input he had on our 2022 draft. He could be the ace in the hole for the Wilf's if the genius moves on or wears out his welcome and is quietly asked to get out.
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Re: Ryan Grigson - Senior football advisor

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I really liked the hire of Grigson. Was never a huge fan of him as GM simply because it doesnt take a rocket scientist to select Andrew Luck when you have the first overall pick in your first year as GM. And Luck was a massive reason why that team turned it around.

But I love the role Grigson is in here for many reasons. I think it's a smart hire by the Vikings especially given Kwesi is new to the position. Grigson can show him the ropes, bring new ideas, help in the scouting department, etc. I'm glad Grigson recognized his past failures. Spielman has came out on podcasts saying similar things of how he would've done things differently. It's good that they are adjusting and know when they were wrong.
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