Pick4 - The Rules

Our annual Pick4 football contest held each year for bragging rights. All are welcome to play!

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Pick4 - The Rules

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The rules of the Pick4 contest are pretty simple. You are picking 4 games out of the 14-16 played each week against the spread.


There will be three threads for each week. The "Picks Only" thread is for the lines posted by me and your picks. The "Schmoozing" thread is for any commentary about the lines or picks. The "Results" thread will be posted after the week is completed with the scores.


Here is an example line:

Green Bay +3

This line indicates that Minnesota is at home (CAPS) and that Minnesota is favored by 3 points (-3). So, a pick for Minnesota is a pick that Minnesota will win by more than 3 points. A pick for Green Bay is a pick that Green Bay will either win or lose by less than 3 points. If Minnesota wins by exactly 3 points, the game is a push.

Posting your picks

Choose your games, then add your entry to the thread. Your picks should be formatted like this:

NY Jets +2
Houston +8

Once you have posted your picks, you may not change them. The official scorer will disallow any posts that have been edited.


Near the beginning of each week, I will post the lines for each game. Prior to noon Central on Sunday, you post your picks for the 4 games you choose. If there are games played before Sunday (eg season opener, Thanksgiving, late season Saturdays), and if you want to pick the early games, you must submit ALL your picks prior to the start of games that day. If you do not want to pick those games, the deadline remains Sunday noon. When these schedule situations apply, I will post a reminder with the lines.


You receive 2 points for each correct pick and 1 point for each push. A perfect week is 8 points. I will total scores and post them at the end of each week, along with the season total. As time permits, I will post preliminary scores on Monday prior to the MNF game. The top scorer at the end of the regular season is crowned Champion.


All are welcome to play. If you miss a week, you get dropped. If you will be without access some week, feel free to contact me via PM and we can make arrangements (usually blind picks).