2018 NFL Draft Thread

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Re: 2018 NFL Draft Thread

Post by Demarates »

Luke Falk hasn't been picked yet, right ? I thought the Patriots were supposed to move on him.

CORRECTION : Falk was picked by the Titans in the 6th round.
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Re: 2018 NFL Draft Thread

Post by Bigwehrm »

Best chance of a diamond in the rough now is Equanamious St Brown from Notre Dame. I want OL but those guys this late are bums and the er from ND has legit potential.
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Re: 2018 NFL Draft Thread

Post by fiestavike »

I haven't noticed Akrum Wadley being taken yet. He could be an acceptable 3rd RB, but not the long term compliment at the RB position.
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Re: 2018 NFL Draft Thread

Post by halfgiz »

Mothman wrote:
dead_poet wrote:Rick: "Don't think I won't draft TJ Clemmings again. He's not eligible but so help me I'll write his name on this card."

Zimmer: "Does he play corner? I don't know any of these f-ing guys."
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