Flying out of MSP after Divisional Game

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Flying out of MSP after Divisional Game

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Trying to decide if I should fly or drive from Chicago. I'd like to fly, but need to be at work on Monday and the latest flight out of MSP on Sunday is at 9:10. As long as there's no over time, the game should be over by 7:00.

Does anyone know when I would get to the airport by? Google Maps tells me it's only a 15 minute drive, but not sure how much that would be impacted by gameday traffic. Would I make it by 7:30, and if so, would that be early enough to get through security? Or say it goes to over time and I can't make it to the airport till 8:00. Is an hour early enough?
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Re: Flying out of MSP after Divisional Game

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Have you considered taking the Light Rail?
It's only roughly 20 minutes from the stadium to the airport, and no major risk of delays (which is a huge risk if you drive).

Can't imagine that there will be very long security lines on a Sunday night so an hour should be fine, especially if you're not checking any bags.
Just keep in mind that the gate probably closes ~10-20 minutes prior to departure so that hour might in fact not be an hour, but you should still make it imho.