Fun Madden game spots w. Ray Lewis & Paul Rudd

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Fun Madden game spots w. Ray Lewis & Paul Rudd

Post by dead_poet »

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Re: Fun Madden game spots w. Ray Lewis & Paul Rudd

Post by HardcoreVikesFan »

I don't if any of you are gamers, but I myself am extremely upset with the Madden series. I was a hardcore 2K football gamer until stupid EA bought the exclusive license to the NFL. The gameplay is never truly improved. FFS, they still have the same running animations they have used since 2005! I hate Madden, but there isn't another option out there to play a football game so I am kinda stuck buying it. I heard EA is trying to sell it's company so hopefully it happens and we can have competition on the market for football sims again.

Sorry for the rant, but I am just really jaded of EA and Madden disappointing year after year. Also, I apologize dead_poet, as this isn't not a slam toward you I just had to vent some way. :)
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