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Here are the answers to the questions for September 27-October 2. Thank you for reading and responding!
Ed Sharockman
Gene Washington
Leo Lewis
Eric Kelly
Brad Johnson
Fred McNeil
Doug Williams
Lynn Dickey
Sammy Johnson
Now let's try to figure out this group of players.

October 3, 1965
Vikings 38 at Rams 35
Minnesota gets the winning field goal with 1:57 left from a man who is the all-time franchise leader in field goals. He has more than twice as many as the #2 player on the team's list.
An undrafted free agent middle linebacker from Tennessee Tech (1965-1972) scores a touchdown on a 10-yard return with a blocked punt.
He led the Vikings in tackles in 4 different sesasons and was referred by Super Bowl teammate Joe Kapp as "the meanest man in football".

October 4, 1976
Vikings 17 Steelers 6
Minnesota exacts a small measure of revenge for its Super Bowl defeat at the hands of Pittsburgh in January 1975 as they intercept Terry Bradshaw 4 times. The Vikings manage just 176 yards of offense behind a back-up quarterback from Pacific (1969-1972 and 1975-1980). He had been a 17th round draft pick and also served as Minnesota's punter. With Atlanta in 1973 he led the Falcons to a stunning Monday Night Football victory over a 9-0 Viking team.

October 5, 1997
Vikings 20 at Cardinals 19
Minnesota gets the winning field goal with 10 seconds to play from a Canadian who played at Tulane. He was a 7th round pick by the Lions and spent 12 years in Detroit (1980-1991). He is #2 on the all-time Lion field goal list. 1997 was his only year with the Vikings. He would cap off the season with a game-winning field goal vs. the Giants in a remarkable play-off, come-back win on the road.

October 6, 2008
Vikings 30 at Saints 27
Vikings get a bizarre, pulsating win despite yielding 2 punt return touchdowns to Reggie Bush. Minnesota scores the winning points on a 30-yard field goal with 16 seconds left by a man who stands at #2 on the all-time Green Bay field goal list.
One Viking touchdown is scored on a 59-yard return of a blocked field goal by a man who is among the 50 Greatest Vikings (2004-2012). He was a 3-time Pro Bowler with Minnesota after being a #1 pick by the Bills in 1998. His 21 interceptions place him at #10 on the all-time franchise list.

October 7, 2012
Vikings 30 Titans 7
Minnesota gets 6 catches for 108 yards from an electrifying #1 draft pick from Florida (2009-2012). Injuries and an ugly squabble with management brought his stay in Minnesota to a bitter conclusion but he did win go on to win a Super Bowl with Seattle.

October 8, 1989
Vikings 24 Lions 17
Minnesota scores all its points in the 2nd quarter to dispatch the winless Lions. One Viking touchdown is scored on a 90-yard interception rerturn by a defensive back (1985-1989) who had been a 2nd round draft pick out of Alcorn State. He later went on to help Dallas win a Super Bowl.
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