Chris Bosh out indefinitely with blood clots in lungs

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Chris Bosh out indefinitely with blood clots in lungs

Post by DK Sweets » Sat Feb 21, 2015 12:51 am

I didn't really know where to post this, but I feel like this is one of this e stories that just kind of transcends sports. It's always weird to me to see guys like Bosh or Eric Berry go down with health problems like this when they're clearly some of the healthiest men on the planet. It's just a shame.

Here's hoping for a fast recovery for all athletes who deal with bad luck like this.
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Re: Chris Bosh out indefinitely with blood clots in lungs

Post by frosted » Sat Feb 21, 2015 1:00 am

Agreed, DK - also on same sort of note, Patrick Peterson of the Cardinals reportedly had some issues with his blood sugar levels this past season, Bruce Arians referred to as 'borderline diabetes'. That hits close to home for me personally, as I'm a type 1 diabetic. Jay Cutler is also a type 1. Obviously Cutler has taken a lot of flak as a player over the years, but I've always had a level of respect for him (and now Peterson), knowing the struggle the condition can be - especially considering the amount of pride I've always taken in my physical condition, and I know a lot of people don't understand the differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes. A very physically fit young man can be hit in a devastating (mental, emotional) fashion when diagnosed with type 1 - I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.
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Re: Chris Bosh out indefinitely with blood clots in lungs

Post by PurpleMustReign » Sat Feb 21, 2015 1:06 am

One guy I used to work with went to the ER last week with severe chest pains. They fiund a softball sized tumor in his chest that is almost certainly cancer. He is a healthy eater and took decent care of his body. It makes you think sometimes. You do everything you can and still these things happen.

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Re: Chris Bosh out indefinitely with blood clots in lungs

Post by jackal » Mon Feb 23, 2015 5:27 am

I knew a woman, who was very healthy and successful; got pancreatic cancer and was dead in six months.
To me that is why you have to make the most of everyday. There are no do overs in life. We can't control everything;
However, we can make the most of our lives, and try and have a positive effect, on those we love.
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