What is it With NFL Nicknames?

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What is it With NFL Nicknames?

Post by Cliff » Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:27 pm

Why the <first letter of first name>-<First 4 letters of last name> format?

I get Tavaris Jackson ... the guys name is Tavaris ... but to call Trent Richardson "T-Rich"? Trent is not a difficult name to pronounce.

Also ... is there a color limitation? They don't refer to Brian Urlacher as "B-Url" or Jason Witton "J-Witt". Anybody got a clue to this mystery?

I guess there is "GRONK" so ... maybe that counts? I don't know.

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Re: What is it With NFL Nicknames?

Post by PurpleMustReign » Thu Oct 25, 2012 2:44 pm


It can work with coaches too...


Interesting. I don't understand it either...
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Hunter Morrow
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Re: What is it With NFL Nicknames?

Post by Hunter Morrow » Thu Oct 25, 2012 7:37 pm

It is a crossover from basketball and I hate it. Nicknames are wretched these days.
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Re: What is it With NFL Nicknames?

Post by Juice » Tue Oct 30, 2012 1:49 am

I agree w/ Cliff and Hunter but there have been some good nicknames IMO:

Run DMC- Darren McFadden
All Day- Adrian Peterson
The Polish Cannon- Sebastian Janikowski
Mojo Maurice Jones-Drew
The Law Firm- Benjarvis Green-Ellis
Megatron- Calvin Johnson
Beast Mode- Marshawn Lynch
Super Freak- Randy Moss
Shady- LeSean McCoy
Ace Boogie- Cam Newton
The Sheriff- Peyton Manning
Windy City Flyer- Devin Hester
The Burner- Michael Turner
T-Sizzle- Terrell Suggs

Brian Dawkins -Weapon X
Torry Holt -Big Game
Darrelle Revis- Revis Island
Jevon Kearse- The Freak
Deion Sanders- Prime Time
Walter Payton- Sweetness
Jerome Bettis- The Bus
Matt Ryan- Matty Ice
Brett Favre- The Gunslinger
Dante Hall- The Human Joystick
Troy Polamalu- The Tasmanian Devil
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Re: What is it With NFL Nicknames?

Post by TheIrishVikingsFan » Wed Oct 31, 2012 2:11 pm

Ryan Fitzpatrick- The Amish rifle/ Fitzmagic
Can't ask for a better nickname imo :D
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