Mike Sweeny sucks

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Mike Sweeny sucks

Post by PurpleMustReign » Sat Sep 01, 2007 9:52 am

Darn him. He just had to get a hit, didn't he.

If you don't know, Scott Baker of the Twins had a perfect game through 8 IP, and then walked the first batter of the 9th... the two batters later, Mike Sweeny got a weak hit to center field.

Well, it was a helluva game by Baker. He and Garza seem to, at this point, be two very good young arms for the Twins. I really hope Terry Ryan doesn't try to sign some washed up veteran (Sidney Ponson) again this offseason, I hope he lets the youngn's play (Baker, Garza, Liriano, Santana, and maybe Perkins would be a very good rotation).
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Post by Sackmeifyoucan » Sat Sep 01, 2007 1:15 pm

Bum deal for Baker..but you are right, he is looking pretty decent for such a young player.

He might be 8-6 with a 4+ ERA, but it's only his 3rd year and this is his first winning season.

Hopefully, he will be even better next year with a lower ERA and with Santana and the addition of Liriano to the lineup, maybe we can do something.

I still think that we need a big hitter or two added before next year though...that, to me is key.
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