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4 Tickets Available(Multiple Games)

Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2016 8:36 pm
by whatdaproblemis0
Good Evening,

Below is a picture that roughly close to my current seats. A friend of mine took it a few days ago. Im so jealous.....

I have 4 tickets Section 339 Row 16 Seats 3,4,5,6, :v): :v): :v): :v):

As of now I have all 4 tickets to the following games

Pre Season: Rams $65.00 Each

Giants :govikes: $125.00 Each
Texans :govikes: $125.00 Each
Lions :govikes: $125.00 Each
Cardinals :govikes: $125.00 Each
Colts :govikes: $125.00 Each

To verify who I am below is my business webpage. I am a wounded veteran and have no intentions on selling fake tickets. :wallbang: I take paypal or check but I will not send tickets until the check has cleared. Additionally to email or text directly my email is and cell is 210-278-4686 Thank you! :tongue:

If you want them decide fast because they will go fast :gone: The goal is to make me regret selling these at these prices :D