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The Bears look terrible

Posted: Thu Aug 10, 2017 7:55 pm
by jackal
I am watching the Broncos with there three top
defenders not playing, just embarrassing the bears
who playing everyone. Glennon through a pick
worthy of any horrible QB you can think of.

Well against probably scrubs mostly Trubisky had
some decent throws and Victor Cruz caught a nice
short pass to score. I am guessing Glennon won't
start more than a few games...The Bears D line
looks like it has some push...

Re: The Bears look terrible

Posted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 11:39 am
by Hunter Morrow
Trubisky was 18-25, completed his first 10 passes, ran 3 times for 38 yards, had a touchdown pass and led the Bears to 17 points. Their first 5 games with Glennon at the helm could all be losses: Falcons, road game against the Buccaneers, Steelers, road game against the Packers, Vikings. My prediction is the Bears stick with starting Glennon and he stinks up the joint. I predict he plays awfully against the Packers and Vikings in blowout losses and by week 6, Trubisky is the most popular person in Illinois and the fans are screaming for him to start against the Ravens.

Re: The Bears look terrible

Posted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 11:21 pm
by jackal
Yeah the rookie looked much better than I expected
all the good bronco pass rushers didn't play though and they
looked vanilla too. Glennon looked terrible and I doubt
he last a quarter of the season with a high draft pick
in the wings.

I believe Glennon had like a zero passer rating.