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Dallas and Atlanta

Posted: Sun Oct 16, 2016 6:00 pm
by PurpleMustReign
These two teams are doing much better than I expected. Dallas is making Green Bay look like a high school team in Lambeau, and Atlanta is beating Seattle in Seattle, after beating Denver in Denver last week.
The Vikings have beaten good teams, and their defense, thus far, has been legit. I think these three teams ae the class of the NFC at this point.

Re: Dallas and Atlanta

Posted: Sun Oct 16, 2016 6:57 pm
by jackal
I honestly think Atlanta will find ways to lose games and not be a factor in week 17 again this year.

Dallas looks good and didn't even have Byrant in the victory in Cheese land... I think there
Defense is much better than expected. I am guessing Romo might have ""have nagging pain and not play
unless the rookie goes down." It was nice seeing Rodgers pout, and his fish eyes staring at the refs...
wanting calls, to keep them in the game....

Re: Dallas and Atlanta

Posted: Sun Oct 16, 2016 10:59 pm
by dinolord05
Dallas looked solid all the way today.
Atlanta has a very good offense, but not anywhere near enough defense to be truly competitive.
I honestly wish we played them in regular season, just to play a high flying offense like that. I think Dallas is the only real opponent we have like that.

Re: Dallas and Atlanta

Posted: Mon Oct 17, 2016 4:16 am
by jackal
I have not watched the bears but I have seen Hoyer's stats this year and he has been throwing for about 300 every game of late.

I like that running back they got in the draft this year.

Re: Dallas and Atlanta

Posted: Mon Oct 17, 2016 6:04 am
by halfgiz
Packers finally played a team with a decent running game and they gave up 5.6 yards per carry.
Maybe their run defense isn't that good. :lol: Rodgers is really struggling these days.

Dallas Cowboys MVP of the game was Mike McCarthy.

Colts melt down against Houston was ugly...when will Chuck be fired? It has to be only a matter of time.

Re: Dallas and Atlanta

Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2016 11:20 am
by jackal
Colts could lose their HC and GM ..
I guess GM and owner were good
friends but right before season the
GM threw him under the bus and
was not pleased

Re: Dallas and Atlanta

Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2016 12:24 pm
by cstelter
NFLN just did a bit on how 'The East is Back!' suggesting they could send 3 playoff teams and possibly 4 if that were allowed. Dallas does look strong because undeniable features of their O-Line, but let's look at the teams the east has beaten and lost to

Teams the East has beaten:

Team the East has lost to:

If we throw out the divisional games for now to see who *else* they have really beaten or lost to, we see these teams:

East has beaten:
CHI 1-5 (DAL) (PHI)
SFO 1-5 (DAL)
CIN 2-4 (DAL)
GB 3-2 (DAL)
CLE 0-6 (WAS) (PHI)
BAL 3-3 (WAS) (NYG)
PIT 4-2 (PHI)
NO 2-3 (NYG)

So 11 of the east's 15 wins came against a group of teams that are cumulative 16-30. The other 4 wins came in divisional play which would have been 4 wins for the division no matter who won them.

East has been beaten by:
MIN 5-0 (NYG)
GB 3-2 (NYG)
DET 3-3 (PHI)
PIT 4-2 (WAS)

So half the east's 8 losses came against teams cumulative 15-7, the other half came in divisional play which would have resulted I 4 losses total anyway.

Only 5 games truly stand out to me as potentially suggesting that all 4 teams are anything other than mediocre
GB 3-2 (DAL)
BAL 3-3 (WAS) (NYG)
PIT 4-2 (PHI)
NO 2-3 (NYG)

But let's look at the 3-3 record of BAL-- they have beaten BUF (4-2) in game 1 before they seem to have gotten their act together, CLE (0-6), and JAC (2-3). I'm not convinced they are anything other than mediocre.

So we have these 3 games for the east to hang their hat on:
GB 3-2 (DAL)
PIT 4-2 (PHI)
NO 2-3 (NYG)

But PIT has proven they can lose to MIA (2-4) by a similar margin as they lost to PHI, and GB has clearly been struggling as of late only marking wins against NYG, JAC, and DET.

So NYG holding NO to only 13 points? Should seem impressive-- they've averaged over 30 ppg against their other opponents. That ought to indicate NYG's defense is at least somewhat adequate on an absolute scale. But they only managed to score 16 points against NO-- whereas NO's other opponents managed also over 30ppg. That might indicate NYG has an adequate defense and a weak offense. But the Vikings scored 24 points on 3 offensive TD's against that same D that held NO to 13. So what does that say???

I don't know-- I'm not seeing enough evidence here to declare the East is anything more than a result of a favorable 6 game schedule. Perhaps a step up from lousy to mediocre.

I'm thrilled we will get to test our team against each and every one of them. In the end it may only prove we are better than 4 mediocre teams should we win them all. But in any case it's an opportunity to make a statement against the media darling east. I sincerely hope we grab that opportunity by the throat and dominate in all 4 games starting next week at PHI.

Re: Dallas and Atlanta

Posted: Sun Oct 30, 2016 6:36 pm
by jackal
well Atlanta helped us out and beat GB