2016 Season

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2016 Season

Post by jackal » Mon Jan 25, 2016 10:03 am

NFC West

Cardinals win division with 10-11 games
because of coaching and overall young talent
across the board..

The Rams and Seahawks spoil each others wild card
hunt dreams and the Niners win a few games before
having a basement season.

NFC North

Vikings 12-4
Green Bay 10-6 wildcard
Lions 9-7 possible wildcard
Bears who cares lottery pick season

NFC South
Carolina 12-4
Atlanta 8-10 wins maybe wildcard
rest who cares ..they stink it up

NFC East
Redskins win 9-10 games
Cowboys maybe wild card team
Eagles 5-6 wins
Giants 4-5 wins

AFC West
Broncos 11-5
Oakland 10-6 Wildcard
Kansas City ??
San Diego 4-5 wins

AFC North
Pittsburg 11-5
Bengals 10-6 Wild card
Balitmore 6-10
Cleveland 4-12

AFC South
Jacksonville 10-6
Houston 8-8
Indy 7-9
Titans 3-5 wins

AFC East
New England 11-5
Jets 9-7
Buffalo 7-9
Miami 5-11

I know there will be some changes but I think most of this will be true...

Lets make this a discussion thread, not an argument thread...
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