Green Bay Head Coach slams the Bears !!

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Re: Green Bay Head Coach slams the Bears !!

Post by Cliff » Mon Sep 14, 2015 11:20 am

I really enjoy the condensed versions of games. I'll probably watch a lot of non-vikings games that way this season. The Packers-Bears game was pretty good.

When I watch Rodgers flick the ball around in a "backyard football" style it makes me wonder just how beneficial sitting behind Favre was. I didn't see Rodgers in college at all so maybe he's always had that in his toolbox ... but it reminded me of Favre.

Cutler was the better quarterback ... and then the 4th quarter happened. I don't know if he started to panic or felt he had to force something to happen but he was pretty terrible.

Gould is a terrific kicker. Funny how you notice the kicking game more when you're worried about your own kicking game.

I like Lacy's effort and power, the Bears had trouble taking him down all game. However, I don't know if Lacy was being patient or if I'm spoiled by Peterson, but he seemed a bit slow. Good burst on plays up the gut be around the edge he seemed sluggish. Maybe just looking for a hole in those situations. He's an NFL running back so ... slow is a relative term, of course.

If players on Defense take a step forward this year the Vikings may have the best defense in the division. I wasn't impressed by the Chicago or Greenbay defense. Both of the offenses looked good, I thought ... but I couldn't tell how much of that was on the other team's defense. At the end Greenbay started to put it together on Defense but Cutler was all over the place at that point too. I haven't seen the Detroit game yet but Rivers put up 400 yards and they gave up 33 points so I'm assuming probably not strong.
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Re: Green Bay Head Coach slams the Bears !!

Post by PurpleKoolaid » Mon Sep 14, 2015 11:28 am

I know this is the Homer in me, but I think the Vikes have a legitimate shot at taking our division this season. Lions, Bears and GB didnt look on thier game. I like watching GB come out slow, but Rogers is just so good in the 4th quarter.
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