What to do with Chris Johnson

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What to do with Chris Johnson

Post by S197 » Sun Sep 30, 2012 11:43 pm

Of course the week I bench him he finally gets a 100-yard game. I don't see starting him next week but does anyone see any promise for this guy? I haven't watched any Titans games other than the OT but it seems like the line is bad and he just isn't giving it the effort he once was. I don't feel like I can drop him but I don't feel like I could get anything in a trade either.

Luckily as long as Miles Austin doesn't have a HUGE game and/or Brandon Marshall catches at least a few passes I should be okay for this week.
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Re: What to do with Chris Johnson

Post by dead_poet » Tue Oct 02, 2012 8:18 am

It's a tough position. That's why I avoided him in the draft like the plague. I don't know if you have any other choice but to keep starting him (provided you don't have any better options). It's been a tough year for RBs this season it seems. You might sniff around and see if anyone wants to buy him for another need area, but you're not likely to get much. But you might get more this week than you would have last week thanks to his best game of the year and promise. He is still the #1 RB, and that's valuable.
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