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2010 Fantasy

Post by MN Gods Country » Sat Feb 06, 2010 9:03 pm

Time for early discussions and predictions!

Please post your feedback/opinions so everyone with a Vikings avatar dominates their league!

I want to quickly bring up 1 point then move on from there.

The undrafted/late pick studs in 2009

1. Miles Austin - So far, the NFL analysts are giving him a round 3-4 pick value which is good because he's certainly a solid mid to late round 2 pick. This is, of course, pending his team status.

2. Jamaal Charles - They're already discussing him as a potential 1st rounder. This makes him overvalued but hopefully hype will die down on him with one single point....he's on the Chiefs. Then, hopefully he'll be undervalued but unless that happens you're gonna get what you pay for.

3. Ray Rice - I don't think there's any way to get a value pick on him. He's over exposed and might go 1st round. That would be OK because his over valued pick would allow a higher potential player to drop to a lower spot.

4. Sidney Rice - Rice is a pretty risky pick in the early rounds. He's had a great year but as we know there are some ambiguous factors in the variables that contributed towards his success in '09. As much as it irks me to say it, I'd stay away from him in '10 and allow someone out of the loop to see his '09 stats and get overzealous with a 2nd round pick on Rice.
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