who would you start?

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who would you start?

Post by mefford76 » Tue Oct 02, 2007 5:45 pm

another week where i am just dying. i need to start 2 of these receivers. remember i play in a PPR league, so TDs aren't as important.

crayton @ buffalo
braylon @ NE
berrian @ GB
james jones vs bears

crayton has been horrible except last week. seems like a boom bust guy, which means maybe i should steer clear?

braylon has been great. solid each week, but goes up against NE. but eventually he should catch balls when NE is up 50-7. junk catches are fine by me.

berrian is the #1 weapon, but can greise get it to him? seems like the most solid of these guys.

jones should have very solid numbers as the bears D is beat up. look at lions last week. he plays against the 3rd DB and has been getting more points each week.

don't worry, i wont kill you if you respond and get it wrong.
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Re: who would you start?

Post by Canadian Viking » Wed Oct 03, 2007 6:06 am

mefford76 wrote:
don't worry, i wont kill you if you respond and get it wrong.
That's good, because I am usually wrong....

If it was me, I would play Edwards (I am really high on this guy). Cleveland is passing the ball pretty well and he is getting most of the looks. As you said, NE should be way up, so the browns will be throwing the ball a lot. Edwards should put up decent numbers.

After that, it is a toss up between Jones and Berrian. Since Berrian is the #1 guy in Chicago, I'd go with him rather than GB's third WR.

For what it is worth, I have Edwards and Berrian on one of my Yahoo teams and plan to start both this week.

Good luck,

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