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Who to Cut?

Posted: Thu Sep 06, 2007 10:06 pm
by TrenchGoon
So...I need a kicker before this sunday. Here's my team.

Peyton Mannin
Steve Smith
Deon Branch
Vincent Jackson
Devin Hester
Devery Henderson
Jericho Cotchery
Brandon Jacobs
Cedric Benson
Thomas Jones
DeAngelo Williams
DeShaun Foster
Brandon Jackson
Randy McMichael
DEF: Minnesota

I can't cut Henderson because he has already played this week. I think that leaves Hester, Jackson, or possibly Williams or Foster as the odd guy out. I like Hester's upside between special teams and some screen passes to the guy...10 tds seems within the realm of possibility. He could get 4 against the vikes alone in two games. What do you guys think? Who do I cut?

Posted: Thu Sep 06, 2007 10:21 pm
by mefford76
peyton manning duh... or maybe the waste of a roster spot devin hester.

Posted: Fri Sep 07, 2007 8:53 am
by Canadian Viking
Unless your league gives huge points for return yardage, dump Hester.

Posted: Fri Sep 07, 2007 10:25 am
by Cliff
Yep, Hester.

Of course, you'll be sorry you did if he actually pans out at WR ... I wouldn't hold my breath though.


Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2007 7:03 am
by jackal
hester He already almostr got hurt playing wide out
in the offseason.