Arggghhh Why??

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Arggghhh Why??

Post by Imac » Tue Aug 28, 2007 1:50 pm

Why do people join a LIVE draft then not show up????

Here is my story. I started a public league live draft on 6 of us were going to join and hope others fill up the rest of the spots we did this last year and had a great league. Well I posted the league and sent out invites to my friends.

But within 24 hours to my suprise the league was filled and only one of my friends had gotten in. I realize this is the danger of having a public league. Then what really got my goat was that none, zero, zip of them showed up for the draft. Not only did they not show up none of them had changed the rank order from default.

In three years of playing multiple league I have never had more than 3 no shows for a draft. Ugh is this common??? Anyway just had to vent.

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