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Mike Hughes

Posted: Fri Apr 27, 2018 8:58 am
by mike2mike
This upgrades like potentially 5 positions long term
Punt return kick return inside CB outside CB
Plus if we hit on him and he is better than Waynes (eventually), both depth and starting CB improve.
ALSO, if we move on from Waynes and opt not to exercise, we free up about 9M in cap room per year and can use that money to upgrade elsewhere at one or more positions.
Waynes will get about 9M on s 5th year option if we exercise, and we are very tight on the cap (assuming we keep Barr, Hunter and Diggs) and we will not have much room at all in the cap unless we make a decision to move on from a player or two like Waynes or Hunter or Diggs or Barr early ( a 2 year extention then trading them in their final year for instance) eventually we will need:
DL, DL, OL, OL, WR,TE,RB and replacements for fluke injury/recoveries like Bridgewater and Floyd
We don't have the cap room to do that if we extend Hunter, Barr and Diggs, but if we can get Waynes for less or sign him to a 1 or 2 or 3 year deal and eventually trade him for draft picks.
Having multiple shutdown CBs so you can move safeties up and bring heat is an easy way to get lots of 3 and outs and on offense will do a lot more for your running game and passing game as the opposing defense can't stay on the field for 40 minutes. It also keeps your team healthier. Last year Vikings dominated time of possession and this helps us do that.

Re: Mike Hughes

Posted: Mon May 14, 2018 6:17 pm
by Slick Rick
I think right now, Hughes is excellent for when we potentially face a situation that calls for 4 CBs, which might be more and more often going forward as the NFL continues to demand more coverage. We certainly could have used more depth at CB against the Eagles (or the Patriots if we'd faced them), and I think he gives Newman a chance to maybe extend his career for one more year where he can not only take a backseat on the depth chart, but also split his already somewhat limited snap count with Hughes, possibly increasing his efficiency. I like the move the more that I had time to consider it, but only time will tell if it really ends up helping us in any way similar to what I've described, or even in any way at all. I suspect he will not play a whole lot in 2018, though.