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 2018:Trade 1st rounder for Andrew Luck 
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Post 2018:Trade 1st rounder for Andrew Luck
So I'm looking through some of the salary cap and if we use $10 out of the $11M available 2017 salary cap in extending some free agents and then we make some resignings and save around $15M for the 2018 season and early extensions for the Barr,Kendricks,Waynes,Diggs,Hunter resignings I think we can make it work long term without too much backloading and have enough room to trade for Andrew Luck in the 2018 offseason...
We'D be on the hook for $18M in 2018, $21M in 2019 and $22M in 2020 if we keep his salary as is...

I'm thinking a deal close to what we have for Bradford would do the trick and because Colts would have to pay the pro rated bonus portion of his contract we'd get him for a slight financial discount not to mention nothing guaranteed other than roster bonuses if we keep him at the start of the league year which goes is leverage for restructuring or extending or even re-trading him at some point he's also signed through 2020 and by that time his contract we pay him will probably seem like a bargain.

In this scenario I would think about franchise tagging and trading Teddy to recoup say a 2nd rounder and agreeing to a deal in principal and then try to finalize them both or perhaps trade Teddy first so as to not risk getting stuck with both contracts which would mean no room for any resignings or free agents...

Although if we trade Teddy and can't secure Luck we'd probably have to pay to resign Keenum and then we'd be without a franchise QB.

I think Luck's injuries are due to the OL and poor teams Luck has been on and unlike Bradford I don't think we have to worry about scar tissue flairing up. I also think Luck has won DESPITE being on some terrible teams and could be every bit as good as the potential borderline hall of fame talent they thought he was when they drafted him but that he needs the team around him to really show that. Bradford put up some really elite games with us and I think Luck will prove similarly that he is every bit as talented as his supporters believe but that the Colts are endangering his career by poor management of the team... Time for a new start Colts aren't good enough to win with Farve, Brady, Manning, Marino, Elway, Steve Young, Andrew Luck, Joe Montana or Jesus himself in their prime and holding onto him just so he can carry his team on his back into the playoffs to maybe get a win but fall short of a Super Bowl is terrible strategy... at least by trading him they can develop, rebuild, and have financial assets to eventually have hope.

I think Luck can bring us a championship multiple years... our defense may be good enough to win with Teddy or Keenum or Bradford this year but if there is a strong enough opponent out there to force our offense to win in a shootout or come from behind like Brady did in the Super Bowl I am not sure if we can do it...

Even if we do, everyone will get a year older on our team and we won't be able to keep everyone so we may need that extra talent to defend our Super Bowl 52 victory...

Can't say I'll be disappointed if we sign Teddy long term if we trust his health. Keenum may be expensive to keep but cheaper than alternatives so there are some scenarios where keeping Kase and developing Sloter and maybe a draft pick make sense but that is continuing with the slow and steady development approach where we also add a value free agent or two each year in the intermediate price range as opposed to the aggressive we can win in the next several years as is without handicapping the future.

I wish I could believe in Bradford'a knees but I can't. He is a good option for a team that has an early draft pick and plans to only play him a few games before handing over the reigns or if a team can afford an expensive backup or a team that has way too much cap money and can sign two QBs or pay borderline starter money to a backup...
Keenum is a "compete with a young starter and possible insurance borderline starter option...
Teddy at 25 years old is franchise QB territory if you trust his health and he returns to form.
You're paying for his development and growth as much as you are for what he can do right now...
Luck you are paying for what he can do right now and are trading a draft pick for cap room since the Colts will pay his prorated bonus... since the Vikes roster is deep and talented the 1st round may not make nearly the same impact for us as it would for another team so the picks become somewhat more expendable... the team moves into "win now" mode with the ability to keep their talent together and still develop youth behind it despite not having much of a 2018 draft class to work with aside from a couple early picks, late picks and UDFAs.

Wed Nov 01, 2017 12:39 pm
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Post Re: 2018:Trade 1st rounder for Andrew Luck
I'm not sure anyone would be willing to part with a 2nd for Teddy unless he plays well in the second half of the year and stays healthy. At which point it would then beg the question, why not keep him?

Luck is a very good QB but can't stay on the field. I don't follow him closely enough to know the differences between he and Bradford but it's definitely a gamble. If the Vikings are really going after a QB from another team, I'd prefer Cousins.

Wed Nov 01, 2017 3:31 pm
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Post Re: 2018:Trade 1st rounder for Andrew Luck
I'd rather have teddy than Luck. Luck is more injury prone than Bradford.

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Post Re: 2018:Trade 1st rounder for Andrew Luck
PurpleMustReign wrote:
I'd rather have teddy than Luck. Luck is more injury prone than Bradford.

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To Luck's defense, he's been destroyed behind that line. I'm not sure it's all on him and his ability to stay healthy.

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Wed Nov 01, 2017 5:17 pm
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Post Re: 2018:Trade 1st rounder for Andrew Luck
dead_poet wrote:
PurpleMustReign wrote:
I'd rather have teddy than Luck. Luck is more injury prone than Bradford.

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To Luck's defense, he's been destroyed behind that line. I'm not sure it's all on him and his ability to stay healthy.

That might have been the case to start with but at some point the wear and tear can turn someone into "injury prone".

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Thu Nov 02, 2017 6:32 am
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Post Re: 2018:Trade 1st rounder for Andrew Luck
No way on Luck, but I do like Cousins. If he had our receivers, along with Kyle and Morgan, both better then Davis IMO, and we had Cook back? We would have that team that's consistently in the playoffs.

Sun Nov 12, 2017 7:25 pm

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Post Re: 2018:Trade 1st rounder for Andrew Luck
i wouldn't take luck for free

Sun Jan 21, 2018 8:15 pm
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