Marynowitz: Eagles Taking Three-Pronged Approach

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Marynowitz: Eagles Taking Three-Pronged Approach

Post by dead_poet » Thu Apr 23, 2015 12:14 pm

Worth the read on how teams (or at least one team) looks at the players they draft/acquire.
1. Height, weight, speed measurables.

Kelly talked about this in his first offseason as the Eagles head coach. He has specific measurables he values at each position. And it's up to the personnel staff to abide by those guidelines.

"[Nick] Saban’s philosophy, he had been in the NFL for quite some time, and our philosophy there was a very similar philosophy to what we have here," said Marynowitz. "It was a very height/weight/speed specific operation. This is a size/speed league. We believed the SEC was a size/speed league. There’s enough statistical data that will support that in terms of players that are playing at a high level. There’s a certain prototype.

"So our goal there was that although there may be varying degrees of players in terms of an ability standpoint, when the starters come off the field and the backups come in, they all relatively look the same. So there’s a certain prototype at each position. We try to build the same thing here, whether it’s at inside linebacker, outside linebacker, corner, safety. There’s a prototype, and there’s a model that fits what we do. We did the same thing there."
More at the link: ... -approach/
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