Dane Brugler's 2020 Top-60

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Dane Brugler's 2020 Top-60

Post by dead_poet » Mon Sep 30, 2019 12:58 pm

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Re: Dane Brugler's 2020 Top-60

Post by fiestavike » Fri Nov 01, 2019 5:55 pm

Can't read it but thanks for sharing. Never too early to talk draft.
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Re: Dane Brugler's 2020 Top-60

Post by VikingLord » Mon Jan 13, 2020 5:37 pm

Not sure who the QBs are on this list because the article requires an app to be installed and homie don't play that way (these days, at least), but there are a few "post-24th pick" QB prospects worth a look.

I think Burrow of LSU, Herbert of Oregon, and Tua of Alabama are all off the board in the first 20 picks. I was kind of hoping that Tua's injury might cause him to drop, and there is the possibility it might, but in thinking about it more there is almost no chance that happens. If he gets medical clearance and he checks out OK with QB needy teams, he's going early in the draft. If he fails those checks or otherwise raises serious red flags, that would be really serious and I don't see a team spending a draft pick on him if they know he can't play. I think that is unlikely, but injuries can end promising careers (Bo Jackson). Bottom line is, if he's healthy or expected to be healthy, he's gone before #20.

Another guy likely to go in the top 20 is Jake Fromm of Georgia. He could drop a bit as he put some semi-ugly performances on tape this year, but generally looks the part of a potential long-term starter at QB. Intangibles in the work up to the draft could greatly impact where he goes. As with Tua, though, if those trend negative Fromm could find himself dropping into the 2nd or 3rd round.

Jacob Eason could find his way into the first round, even the top half of the first round, due to his size and arm strength. The knock on Eason is he is raw, but the draft gods seem to favor physical ability over demonstrated performance (although his demonstrated performance isn't bad by any means), so I could see Eason climb due to that as QB needy teams convince themselves to overlook his flaws. Eason is a guy who might be there at #25, but, IMHO, wouldn't be worth that high of a pick for a team like the Vikings who would have to pass up better overall prospects at DB, DT and OG to take a flyer on Eason. If he's still on the board when the Vikings pick in the 2nd, that makes more sense to me.

For my sleeper pick I like James Morgan of Florida International. The problem with smaller school prospects is they are usually competing against smaller school competition and can look better because of that, but this is a guy who merits serious consideration in the 3rd round (provided he lasts that long). If teams work him out and he does well at the Combine I could see him easily going in the first half of the 2nd or even the last half of the 1st, although most of the teams drafting after the Vikings don't need QBs. He's still the kind of prospect at the kind of position that could get hot as the draft approaches and could rocket up boards because of the perceived scarcity of supply at the position coupled with how critical the position is. IMHO, this is not a guy any sane GM spends a first rounder on, but there are plenty of desperate GMs in the NFL who would have no qualms with spending a high 2nd on him.

Those are the guys I see as the most viable QBs coming out this year, and of that group I think the Vikes have a realistic shot at 2 of them (Eason and Morgan) if they're looking to draft a future starter. To get any of the other 3 they'd have to move up. I don't think Spielman would (or could, even) realistically consider doing that.
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