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Cris Carter respect lost...

Posted: Mon Feb 08, 2016 11:24 am
by jackal
Right after Cam Newton threw his five year old routine.. they shot to Cris Carter..

who was probably the greatest hands receiver ever, and a good Viking. Cris had an opportunity

to tell the truth about Cam(acting like a little girl) ,but he played the company NFL line.

Made excuses about how tough losing is...Really no crap... A winner or good sportsman handles

the loss and the win the same,with respect. You don't dance around and do your little, "look at me"

,and then act the way Cam Newton did after the loss; especially when you were rubbing all the

other NFL teams faces in it, all season. Cris Carter should have said that instead of being a puppet

for Uncle Rodger.. make sure you miss anything Cris Carter....