Kubiak leaning towards retirement

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Re: Kubiak leaning towards retirement

Post by CharVike » Sat Jan 09, 2021 2:00 pm

S197 wrote:
Fri Jan 08, 2021 3:36 pm
J. Kapp 11 wrote:
Tue Jan 05, 2021 10:53 pm

Funny you mention LaFleur.

Let me preface this by saying I still hate the Packers with every fiber of my being. Well, every fiber of my being that isn't dedicated to hating the Bears.

Anyway, I heard LaFleur interviewed on the radio today, and I have to say, I came away thoroughly impressed. He said many things, but here's the one that really caught my attention. He was asked how he gets the most out of his players. It went something like this ...

"We have a vision for every player. We talk about that vision with each player and how it contributes to our team's goals. When he knows that, he can buy in."

I have to say, I have never, in any walk of life, known of a leader who said anything that remotely resembled that statement. If I really believed that my boss had a vision for ME instead of for himself or herself, I'd do anything for that boss. Seems to be working for LaFleur. Freaking Packers are 26-6 under him.

Can anybody here ever imagine Mike Zimmer saying something like that?

God, it's hard to be a Vikings fan.
As much as I hate the Packers as well, they're doing everything I wish the Vikings would realize they need to do. They basically took a top down approach and replaced all their leadership (Thompson, McCarthy, etc). Beefed up their defense (especially the secondary which was horrid at one point) in the draft. And this past year started looking for Rodger's heir.

Meanwhile the Vikings remain rigid, plagued by the same problems year after year and are content with Green Bay's castoffs. It's incredibly frustrating.
The Packers are the only NFL team that REALIZE how important it is to have a young future HOF QB leading the team. OK. Speilman knows this. They all know it. The problem is that type of QB isn't laying around waiting for someone to sign them or draft them. They don't come around very often and every team knows this. Whoever has the 1st pick in the draft will pick that Lawrence kid. Is he a future HOFer? Is he a guy that can lift a so so team to a super bowl like Rodgers can? The Packers didn't do a classic top down approach. They did the classic pass the baton approach. This new GM has been with them since 1998. Jerry Jones did a true top down approach. When he bought the Cowboys he told everybody including Landry to get the hell out of the building. This GM has improved the defense. But it's still a problem for them. Like all GMs he has missed on some of his picks. Like Rashon Gary pick no 12. Hasn't done much. 2nd round CB Josh Jackson can't even get on the field. Traded up for Oren Burks. Not much from him. He's also had some good picks like his first CB pick. So he's like all of them some hits some misses. He gets the big test coming up. His LT who is a good player who he didn't draft is out so he better have a guy that can protect his QBs blind side. That story will be told next week. He has put this team in a great position. The are at home and that greatly improves his chances.
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