Vikings offensive line

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Purple Power
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Re: Vikings offensive line

Post by Purple Power » Wed Jun 17, 2020 12:38 pm

As long as our offensive line remains strong and healthy, we should be able to stop any defense, and show a intimidating presence, we will have winning ways.
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Re: Vikings offensive line

Post by YikesVikes » Wed Jun 17, 2020 4:02 pm

J. Kapp 11 wrote:
Wed May 13, 2020 10:04 am
StumpHunter wrote:
Sun May 10, 2020 8:44 pm

Huh? Kline's PFF grade was 61, second worst on the line behind Bradbury.

The legend of Josh Kline grows by the day.

73.1 would have made Warford the best Olineman on the Vikings last year.

If you think PFF is relevant that is. I would assume he wouldn't have been cut if he really had played that well and some team would have traded something for him to pay him 3 million this year.
Wow. Kline's rating was worse than Elflein's? That's an achievement. Sort of.
That's why Ignore PPF OL grades. They have proven time after time to be horrible. Kline was our 2nd best O-lineman last season from my 2nd review of games. Elf was clearly our worst lineman. While most may remember him constantly getting blown up, worst was his movement on running plays. I can't tell you how many plays he got to the 2nd level and struggled to do his job.
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Re: Vikings offensive line

Post by 84BreaksAnkles » Tue Jun 23, 2020 11:07 pm

Guys, our only relatively sure thing on this line is that O'Neill is a starter (who got pushed around by SF's front 4), who probably would start for at least half the league as RT. But I think it's a stretch to rush him into the Elite RT's of the League status.
Beyond that, literally everything is a crap-shoot.

Is Bradbury even good? If so, is he John Sullivan good? Is he Matt Birk good? Is he Joe Berger good? There's a real possibility he's worse than all of them at this moment. While Birk was probably borderline HOF, the same certainly can't be said of Sully and Berg. I do have optimism about this kid though, so I just want to state that, but god forbid he suffers an Elflein-like regression and how does our line look then?

Riley Reiff, ol' reliable. Only he's not, reliable, and regularly gets worked on the bull rush. Doesn't really possess the athleticism you want to see in a Tackle, nor the strength. I don't see the grit. It really shows on tape, based on how many times we have to help him on 3rd downs.

Pat Elflein. Cut the kid. Case closed.

Dru Samia, who EVERYONE has been clamoring to see. Like hes a supremely talented beast waiting to be unleashed. It seems like we all have this same reserved-belief that as soon as he is inserted into the lineup, he's an automatic upgrade from whatever journeyman we picked to fill that role for that year. We haven't seen much of him, and certainly much less vs. respectable opposition.

Ezra Cleveland. I think most of us saw how I felt when we first drafted the kid. While I have remitted most of my unfair criticisms that I hurled upon him early-on, I still contend that an element of my criticisms remain valid. I just look with worry and trepidation upon someone who in his one-shot to show the big wigs what he is made of, came off as so timid and un-nasty as he did on the bag drill at the combine. Stop, I know how ridiculous that sounds, but at the same time, there are just certain guys, that you don't have to tell them to "seize the opportunity", and I just worry that he is not cut out to ever run with the big boys. Time will tell us who he is, but to expect anything within the realm of Joe Thomas is laughably obsurd.

The rest of the guys, its like who knows. Could be a gem here or there. Who knows. Hinton could end up shutting us all up as he progresses through a HOF career, but he, just like any of these other camp-body kids could turn out to be just that. August Casualties at some point in the future.

As it stands right now I hear some of your arguments for optimism, and I too remain optimistic, but I think it is reasonable to also admit that we also have the capability to swing huge the other way. This O-line has a very large performance range in my mind. Floor could be as low as literal bottom-3 O-lines in the league, and ceiling could be as high as above average. Certainly we will know a lot more this time next year.

Just remember how the KC game felt (no Mahomes BTW) at the time. Remember Chris Jones? Remember Seattle? How about that first game against the Bears? Remember how the Painfully average Smith brothers rekt our whole O-line for 60 minutes (twice)? Need I remind you of the San Francisco game? Do yourself a favor and watch even the extended highlights of any of these games from last year, and I think questions about all these guys' viability are valid.
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Please just watch(04:39-05:18):
This is a dog.
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