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A Message to the Board

Post by Mothman » Thu Jan 23, 2020 9:44 am

A lot of frustration was being expressed in the now-locked "49ers Post Game" thread. I want to reinforce a message I posted there and a highlight a key board rule. Hopefully, all of you are familiar it:

"Good fan" / "Bad fan" posts are not permitted. Just because you disagree with someone's views doesn't mean that they're not as much of a fan as you are. Disagree and respond to the post, do not attack the poster.

What that means in practice is we should all endeavor to focus on substance in discussions here, not on individuals or their personalities. That substance can be serious or lighthearted but the point is to express views about the Vikings and football, passionately or dispassionately, and to avoid going after each other. Emotions can run high and personality conflicts will inevitably arise but when people start talking about each other rather than the topic at hand, it becomes a problem.

Naturally, it's okay to pay someone a compliment. If you think they've said something insightful or they do a great job posting and you value their contributions, it's fine to say so. Beyond that, if you're disagreeing or being critical, it's best to criticize a take about football and not the person offering that take.

The "good fan/bad fan" aspect of the rule may be confusing to some but it's about intentionally grouping people into divisive categories, which simply furthers division. On any controversial topic, people may find themselves with ideological allies or opponents but they remain individuals, with their own thoughts and opinions. The natural ebb and flow of the discourse may temporarily bind like-minded individuals together on a subject but it's important to remember we're all individual fans, to avoid creating factions and setting them against each other.

We try to allow enough room for everyone to be themselves here but when frustrations start to boil over, it's good to step back and remember this particular rule.

Try to be nice to each other. :)
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