Enemy Fan Forums Week 3: Bills

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Enemy Fan Forums Week 3: Bills

Post by Cliff » Fri Sep 21, 2018 7:23 am

Gloom and doom city over in Buffalo.

Predict the score: Bills at Vikings
Feeling optimistic today. 38 10 Vikings

The Bills miraculously hold the Vikings to under 550 yards and under 40 points. And the Bills score a garbage time TD to get it to a 4 touchdown game
i have no confidence in this team now. Doesn’t mean I don’t love them, but they are just plain bad. As someone said yesterday on the radio, the worst team in the league.

i agree.
Allen takes 5 or 6 sacks again, but breaks even on TD's & INT's (wishful thinking, but have a feeling they're going to try their hardest to establish the run).
Let's see... the average amount of drives an offense has per game is around 12. So taking into consideration that it is possible that a Vikings receiver drops a 3rd down pass at some point in the game... the Vikings should score 77 points.

The Bills are averaging 11.5 points per game and the Vikings are giving up 22.5 points per game and are in the middle of the pack in defense right now... the Bills have played the #2 and #9 defenses so far (of course playing the Bills has made them that high) I say the Bills will score 13 points.

So... 77-13 Vikings
The Vikings are 16.5 Point Favorites

The Vikings beat the 49ers 24-16 at home and had a tie with the Packers on the road. Certainly not a bad start to the season, but the '85 Bears they are not.

So, what accounts for the spread being this high? That the Buffalo Bills are a truly horrible football team. I know it, now Vegas knows it!

I believe we will win a game or two. Schedule lightens up at the end of the year. We have two chances against the Jets, and games against the Lions and Bears at home. Guessing 2-14, maybe 3-13 and if we get lucky somewhere else.

I know this year is all about Josh Allen and his development, but what if he is a bust? This team is in a horrible position right now and years away from being competitive without a franchise QB at the helm. I think we are going to be Browns level bad for the next 5-6 years. Get used to 2-14 seasons for awhile and get used to being 16.5 point underdogs to above average teams.
I’ll take the Buffalo with the spread. That seems like a safe bet. Not saying they will win but they can keep it inside of 17.
Seemed high to me, as well
But, the Chargers lost to the Chiefs in week one and the Ravens lost to Bengals in week 2.

Two mediocre teams blew us out, now we face a good team on the road! And, those two teams were each missing their best player on defense!

It is possible that the Vikings Defense outscores our offense!

I think 16.5 is probably accurate.
The Bills also improved on offense in week 2, and improved significantly on defense in the second half of week 2. If either of those trends continues, then the 16.5 point spread will look stupid.

But, at this point it is too hard to know, sample size too small. Anything could happen, including a Bills win, but I’d put a ‘fair’ spread closer to Vikings -10
And 11 points in week 2 at home, with a garbage time TD.

I’ll be surprised if we score a TD against that Vikings defence in Minny. I think the spread is very appropriate.
Rookie QB in first road game with putrid Oline, awful defense and guys quitting at halftime. The new normal. What a mess!

I do believe in Josh Allen tho, The kid is tough. He’ll do well once Beane trades him for more draft picks. Who needs talent?
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