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Enemy Fan Forums Week 2: Packers

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:51 am
by Cliff
Anybody feel free to add other forums or posts to this thread.

A little smack to start it up. There's mostly talk about Rodgers and whether he'll play in the various forums but nothing new or interesting so I avoided it in the quotes.

Week 2 - Time To Drop The Hammer On The Overrated Vikes
Man those Vikes are going to get a big *** rude awakening next week when they come here and we bust em up 38-10. They don't have the novelty offense factor that the Bears did, and even if Griffen, Joseph and Hunter are good, none of them have Mack's talents. I'm going to call a big huge Packer blowout win for several reasons:

1. 49er TEs were running crazy downfield but just dropping passes when they were thrown their way. We don't have any butterfingers (or paddlehands) on our team period, and Jimmy Graham will have his coming out party.

2. Kirk Cousins looked stupid out there and folds like a tent when you get in his face.

3. The Vikings luck has officially run out.
MANY people underestimated what one man could do on D. I keep thinking mack is going to run around some corner and come after me yelling, "da bears!" that's how scary it was seeing him the first half. so I will not underestimate what the vikings d can do as a TEAM. I will be humble in my opinion of what can happen this game. I will just say one team will win and one team will lose.
Overreaction Monday is in full effect. The Vikings looked fine yesterday. They have an incredible defense, and unfortunately Cousins improved their offense. Saying the Vikings are overrated simply is not true. I love the optimism, however, aside from our defense and a triumphant Aaron Rodgers return, there is not much to be too confident going into next week. The secondary will be faced with Cousins, Diggs and Theilen compared to Trubuiski, Gabriel and Robinson and will be forced to contain Cook and Murray opposed to Howard and Cohen. Not knocking the Bears offense at all, because they looked decent, but you cannot compare the offenses.

The Bears defense does look compareable to the Vikings however.

Vikings Week
Michael Cohen @Michael_Cohen13
#Packers QB Tim Boyle is wearing an Aaron Rodgers jersey in the locker room.

No way Zimmer and Barr fall for that.
Week 2 Minnesota Vikings (1-0) vs Green Bay Packers (1-0)
I love the short passing game, but I hope we consider incorporating some of the young guys in as a change of pace. Allison did well on that deep ball but doesn’t terrify anyone. All of the young guys, but MVS in particular have the speed to get up field quickly. And if we are going to be successful on quick throws, having a guy who can get upfield quickly would be huge.
could you imagine the ******** talking Vikings fans would do if the Packers were to rest Rodgers?

look how much **** they talked after Barr broke Rodger's collarbone last year.
I listened to the local Vikings radio show on the way home and lol. EVERY single guy (two guys on it, one guy on the phone) and then the two local paper guys said today on Twitter or whatever to rest him. lol I wonder if they would want us to rest him if we played ANY other team in the NFL. They tried to act so logical about it, it's so safe, it's the best thing to do. And then the one guy basically said he had a bloody stump of a leg. They aren't just going to REST him, if he can go, he will go. They were trying way too hard.

Re: Enemy Fan Forums Week 2: Packers

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:56 am
by Cliff
Week 2 GDT - Minnesota (1-0) @ Green Bay (1-0)
Hate to say it, but the Vikings front 7 is the best in the league. Bigger test to the Packers OLine than the Bears with Mack. I wish I had more optimism, but the most I am allowing myself to hope for is that Rodgers , if he plays, doesn't get injured any worse coming out of this next game. I suspect McCarthy/Philbin scripts the offense with that in mind--max protect, quick throws, etc.
If Rodgers and McCarthy got a taste of that healthy fear and know that they can't play that BS wait 7 seconds offense, we'll win. If they go back to that crap, we'll lose. There won't be a comeback against the Vikings defense. Have to start the game with a fast offense.
We just took care of the 2nd best team in the division. Should be no problem handling #3.
Well Rodgers got his revenge on the first team to injure him. They even tried it again and he responded "lol."

Sunday is the sequel of the revenge tour.

Pretty sure the Redskins concussed him in the SB year so the tour continues next week.
The silver lining to this Rodgers injury is they'll continue the quick passing attack and that's exactly how they should be doing things with the personnel they have on offense. Davante's game is better suited for it to utilize his skillset, same with Cobb. The only real burners vertically they got are the rookie WR's who will barely sniff the field. It's even more important to play this way against top tier fronts like what Chicago just brought and now especially Minnesota. Blessing in disguise, even though it obviously sucks that Rodgers will be well less than 100% for likely the rest of this month

Wanna see them get Ty involved some more in the passing game this week and ffs, you kept 4 TE, USE them

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Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2018 5:01 pm
by Purple Domination
The changing of the guard at the top of the north has got to be hard for these poor guys.

Re: Enemy Fan Forums Week 2: Packers

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2018 8:07 pm
by Vikings CrucifiXS
I hate the PackTurds with heat of a thousand suns. I want the Purple Attack to sweep them out of existence!

Re: Enemy Fan Forums Week 2: Packers

Posted: Fri Sep 14, 2018 10:48 am
by PurpleMustReign
Mental cases.

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Posted: Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:10 pm
by VikingLord
I'm never sure how to take the fans of other teams. They are a lot like us I suppose - some homers completely separated from reality, some overly optimistic, some overly pessimistic, and some who only see the worst possible outcomes in every move or decision. Most are somewhere in the middle I think, which is realistic.

I think the posted comments reflect that. If the Packers do win 38-10, however, well, give that guy a Miller.

Re: Enemy Fan Forums Week 2: Packers

Posted: Sat Sep 15, 2018 9:18 am
by halfgiz
I read some posts from one of the forums.
One of the big arguments was who is the better QB Keenum or Cousins :)

The other thing was, quite a few posts saying their rookies DB's will be able to cover Diggs & AT :whistle:
Hope AR plays and the defense is hungry.
Just wonder if this is the week we see Ilkoka go hybrid..