If we have to lose a young core player?

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If we have to lose one of the following for cap reasons, who would you let go?

Sheldon Richardson
Anthony Barr
Stephon Diggs
No votes
Trae Waynes
Danielle Hunter
Total votes: 36

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Re: If we have to lose a young core player?

Post by PacificNorseWest » Fri Jun 29, 2018 9:10 pm

Almost voted for Sheldon because at this point, you can't miss what you never really had, but I know what he's capable of. With the plethora of picks that the Vikings use on DB's, I think they would still be okay if Waynes was retained, but I'm still holding out hope taht he can be something.
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Re: If we have to lose a young core player?

Post by 808vikingsfan » Thu Jul 19, 2018 5:47 am

Pretty awesome to see zero votes for Diggs

Old tweet but someone just posted on reddit. Watch the clip. I think 500yds/10TDs may not be that far off. .
Nick Olson@NicholasJOlson

Stefon Diggs was 4th in the NFL in deep receptions, despite a QB who consistently underthrew deep passes & often completely failed to see how open he was downfield.

Imagine what these plays would look like with a better QB. Diggs could have had 500+ yards and almost 10 more TDs
https://twitter.com/NicholasJOlson/stat ... 2094214149
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