Still trying to wrap my head around why...

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Re: Still trying to wrap my head around why...

Post by PurpleKoolaid » Sun Mar 11, 2018 11:37 pm

YikesVikes wrote:1. My memory could be bad as I haven't rewatched the game but I remember us running Murray too often in that game. I felt their Dline was very fast and Murray excels once he is able to get moving. I remember a lot of easy tackles for short yardage ebcause he was never able to get up to speed. Jerick might have been the better option.

2. Adam was hurt more than we let on. He had a very unlike Adam game vs. Eagle.

3. Diggs also was injured and tried to play thru pain.

4. Oline got manhandled. We were simply out muscled. Worst yet, that DLine just got more physical and talented :x

5. Keenum, regressed the last few weeks and once the pressure got to him, he started checking the ball down.

The Oline, once again, regressed, no Case. Thats why we need the Oline to have quality starters and good depth. But the D not showing up for 6 Quarters was what hurt us more then anything.
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