A Request from a former native...

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Re: A Request from a former native...

Post by mosscarter » Wed Jan 31, 2018 2:39 am

I'd like to know where you came up with the 90 percent of the fan base being good people? Back in 2005, Daunte Culpepper said that the fans messed with his wife because she had on his jersey. I'm sorry, but that is despicable. I'm not sure why it is called the City of Brotherly Love; it needs to be renamed to what it actually is: Filthadelphia. I'm from Pittsburgh, and know people that have had similar experiences wearing Penguins jerseys to Flyer games. All in all--its like playing inside a prison. Now that the Vikes are done, I look forward to another Penguins stomping of the Flyers (if they can make the playoffs). Hopefully someone will hang Crosby's jersey again on that stupid Rocky statue.
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Re: A Request from a former native...

Post by Boon » Wed Jan 31, 2018 4:23 am

Philly dilly wrote:
I'll just say this, if you don't have video of it, it didn't happen. In this day and age of everything on video, and especially taking video of the game, how could you not have video of it. Let's see the video evidence and let us be the judge. I think some of this is being made up. Just my opinion. I've seen many videos already, one with open beers cans being thrown (not unopened like has been mentioned here) but all the rest are verbal assaults. Where is all this "violence" people are talking about? I've been verbally assaulted at EVERY away game I've ever been to including NY, Washington, AZ, San Francisco, Dallas, and Chicago. I honestly expected it. Had food thrown at me. A beer or two thrown at me. It probably would have been 10x worse if there were playoff implications.
Listen, it was wrong for people to do treat the fans who came here like that, but to paint "80- 90% of the fanbase like that is just soooo wrong. As I said, many fans here have "embraced" picture of the fanbase the media has created. It's sad but true. I'm not condoning it, it just is what it is. Eagle Rob has apologized for it and I am too, but to dwell on it and to say that you are going to return the favor to Eagle fans when they come there just sounds so weak. Thought Vikings fans were above all that. Guess not.
Furthermore, as I stated in my rebuttal previously, the fans here are not the way they are because of some "chasm" or "income equality" they are like this because they truly are one of the most passionate fanbases in the country to never win a SB and I think some people (much of that 10%) are pissed off about it. And by the way ChicagoViking, what city in this country has " by far, the worst murder rate? Yep, Chicago.
Lastly, your Fox News statement is ridiculous and could be said about ALL other media outlets that are continuing to divide this country because they don't like one person because every media outlet says not to like him. Is this country just becoming a country of lemmings that will believe ANYTHING they see or read on the Webz? We shall see.
I'm from nyc, been to philly plenty of times and your city, just like new orleans , is a festering cespool of arrogant drunks. video lol. like that's necessary, everyone knows how much of a cancer your whole fanbase is
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Re: A Request from a former native...

Post by PurpleKoolaid » Thu Feb 01, 2018 9:14 pm

ChicagoViking wrote:
VikingLord wrote:In European soccer leagues, the stadiums have begun monitoring crowds to actively identify troublemakers and deal with them, usually by kicking them out of the stadium, but also revoking season tickets and/or even assisting police in filing charges when warranted. This has led to a noticeable reduction in violence in and around stadiums on game days, which in turn has made attending the games far more enjoyable for those who are there to actually watch the games and not act out some mental pathology against other human beings. The NFL certainly has the resources to do something similar to that in football stadiums, and maybe it's well past time they started doing it.

I almost guarantee you the fan behavior in Philly (and elsewhere, including Minnesota) would rapidly improve if fans were held to account for their behavior on stadium grounds.
In the late 90s, the Eagles actually did install a court and jail under the stadium so they could arrest, try, and imprison unruly fans under the stadium. Not sure why they got rid of it.
I remember that. Thats when I headed to Philly 3 or 4 times a season to see them play the Vikings mainly, and other teams my GF wanted to play. I think it was late in the 90's and it may have been closed by then. But those fans, and the general feeling of the place really sucked. I felt more welcome in GB the few times I went.
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Re: A Request from a former native...

Post by ChicagoViking » Fri Feb 02, 2018 2:25 pm

PurpleKoolaid wrote:Thats when I headed to Philly 3 or 4 times a season to see them play . . . other teams my GF wanted to play.
Your GF was taking on entire NFL teams? Sounds like quite the catch!
PurpleKoolaid wrote:I felt more welcome in GB the few times I went.
I was in both GB and Philly this season. ZERO heckling and douchebaggery at Lambeau or at Kroll's across the street from Lambeau where my son and I stopped for a bite before the game -- in full Vikings garb. Infinitely more welcoming.
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A Request from a former native...

Post by SkolVikings69 » Sat Feb 03, 2018 1:35 am

My problem with the bad apples argument is that other fan bases are self policing. Do you think people from New Jersey drink more than Minnesotans and Wisconsinites? We don’t have these problems because the non-idiots have some decency and they shame the idiots and intervene on behalf of visitors who are being mistreated. Where is the outrage from the rest of your fans? Where are the cops? Didn’t the Philly cops burn down four city blocks in the 1970’s? But they let these guys punch a police horse in the face two weeks in a row? If we had this environment in our town a couple things would happen 1) the cops would get medieval on the idiot fans 2) they’d ban alcohol/tailgating until behavior improved. The problem would be solved within two home games. Philly fans are losers, and the apologies are hollow because it’s been like this for a long time.

Edit: Hollow is the wrong term. The apologies are sincere, but fail to move the dial for me because nothing is going to change.
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