NFC Championship Game Thread: Vikings-Eagles

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Re: NFC Championship Game Thread: Vikings-Eagles

Post by Dmizzle0 » Tue Jan 23, 2018 4:09 am

mosscarter wrote:Its the way they lost it was like there was only one team playing on the field from the second quarter on. You can't lose by 31 points like that and just say it was a bad game. That team showed yesterday and didn't want to play from what I saw. That is an internal issue to have an entire team that unprepared.
Well, you explained part of it with #4, plus the D was hurt too. I've mentioned that the run game is weak w/o Cook.

Play calling got predictable in the 2nd half.

Edit sorry for the triple post idk how that happened..
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Re: NFC Championship Game Thread: Vikings-Eagles

Post by PurpleMustReign » Tue Jan 23, 2018 6:35 am

Goat wrote:Just joined this forum last night..

I'm laughing at all the people sticking up for our team. Lets break this down shall we..

1. Where was the motivation for this game? I saw none!

2. Where were the adjustments?

3. Diggs, Elfein,Sendejo,Rhodes were out. That really hurt. I honestly think Sendejo and Rhodes being out really hurt.

4. We were playing an NFC Championship game, they played like it was preseason. No fire , None. In fact when they showed the players faces on the field after the pick 6, they looked scared and didn't want to be there.

5. We would have been the 1st team in history to play a superbowl at home! WTF! That should have motivated the hell out of them right there. Why would the coaches even need to speak?

#5 is absolutely absurd on 100 levels! Were some of these players families threatened? Were they threatened? Blackmail? I can't possibly for the life of me understand how this team just laid down like that...

They didn't even try after they scored.. The pick 6 and it was over.. Someone please explain this BS to me.
#4 and #5 are the things that get me the most. It was all there. Everything. Minnesota wild have been the highest in the sports world, even had they lost the Super Bowl. But no. They had to piss it away. Not only did they piss it away, they didn't even care. To me, this is worse than any of the previous Conference Championship losses because of what was at stake. To a man, the team failed. The entire team failed.

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