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Fibonacci Vikings

Post by mike2mike » Mon Jan 01, 2018 6:00 pm

The Fibonacci sequence is how everything in nature manifests in a fractal pattern that creates an outward spiral. For some odd reason I noticed the Fibonacci numbers in the Vikings record (although they aren't all obvious and are subject to confirmation bias).
The Fibonacci sequence is:
0,1,1,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144 and so on with each additional number being the sum of the previous two.

0 wins is where everyone's starts the year and the Vikings are no exception.
1 win before the first loss (we beat the Saints then lost to Steelers)
1 win before the second loss (we beat Tampa Bay and lost to the Lions)
3 wins before Keenum became the starter (including preseason)... it may have been 3 wins in the regular season by Keenum before Bradford was on IR or something.
5 wins before the bye with Keenum as the starter
8 the number of games played before the bye and the streak/number of wins in a row following the previous loss (wins following the first loss with Keenum as the starter). 8 is also the number of regular season wins by Bradford as a Viking.
13 is the number of wins in the regular season. Since the last 3 numbers involved Keenum, then perhaps we will win one more game with Keenum as the starter (perhaps before Bradford comes back and starts or perhaps before Keenum gets injured)
21 number of wins the last two regular seasons combined. Also the number of wins of the last Vikings playoff team in 2015 plus all the preseason wins in 2015 and since is 21. If Keenum wins exactly one more game he has 21 career wins as well.
Next numbers in the sequence: 34.55,89,144.

Let's speculate...
34 is the number of combined Victories the past 3 regular season PLUS 2 which allow for post season wins. 2 playoff victories in the postseason gets us to the Super Bowl. Bradford has 34 career wins.

55 career wins including post season between Keenum and Bradford combined if you add exactly one win to Keenum but we need 2 to get to the Super Bowl. You could argue that 56th and 57th win are a part of the March to 89 in the sequence or that as long as Keenum gets 21 it doesn't matter who gets us to 34 wins combined the last 3 regular and post season wins. One more win and Spielman's has 55 wins since taking over as GM to match what was done before that (the Favre year) he will then head for 89 wins for the next part of the sequence. Or perhaps Teddy takes over and gets us to the Super Bowl so the other numbers remain. Or perhaps the 55 wins is just Spielman's number of wins to match the prior high, 34 is to get to the Super Bowl regardless of who it is and 21 for Keenum is to get to the NFC championship.

Next numbers in the sequence: 89,144.

Speilman can get to 89 wins since taking over as general manager if he...
Wins Super Bowl LII this year (57 wins)
Wins Super Bowl LIII after going 14-2 (74 wins)
Wins Super Bowl LIV after going 12-4 (89 wins)
Teddy could have 34 wins (Fibonacci number) if he starts next year in the 14-2 super bowl run or else we could go 12-4 in 2018 and Teddy could win the NFC championship and the Super Bowl this year.
Keenum has 20 career wins so he could potentially get to 34 wins on the career.
Bradford has 34 career wins so he'd need 21 more to get to 55 which can't happen in 1 season.
Of course we could always spread those wins over more seasons to be realistic...

And perhaps this means nothing, but it's kind of fun to see the patterns like Neo played by Keenum Reaves.
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Re: Fibonacci Vikings

Post by PurpleMustReign » Mon Jan 01, 2018 6:44 pm

That was fun. Good job putting that together b!

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