Quick story about this weekend

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Quick story about this weekend

Post by Pondering Her Percy » Wed Dec 13, 2017 3:51 pm

Just wanted to throw this out there for anyone that may be interested.

This weekend, I am heading to Minnesota with a good friend of mine (Jason) that I grew up and graduated HS with. He called me at the beginning of the year and asked me if I wanted to go to a Vikings game with him this year (which made no sense because he is a Giants fan). I mentioned to him that I was already taking my "annual" trip to Minnesota week 3 vs. Tampa with my buddy Nick. Him and I go to one game a year in Minnesota.

Jason replied with "Well that doesnt work for me, I'm going to all 32 stadiums this year and I cant go until week 15 vs. Cincinnati". I said to him, "How on earth are you going to all 32 stadiums in 1 year, there are only 17 weeks". Well.....he's doing it. He's currently on stadium number 26 or so?? He going to Indy tomorrow night and then meeting me in Minnesota on Friday. The purpose of all of this??? He's visiting all 32 stadiums and raising money for charity throughout this journey.

Even better, the NFL got wind of this and he is raising money for the NFL's "Crucial Catch". They are giving Jason 2 tickets to next years Super Bowl in Atlanta and a two night stay all included. If you donate on his page, he will randomly pick someone to attend next years Super Bowl with him. Obviously you guys dont know him but he's honestly one of the best guys I've ever met. This has Jason written all over it. It's just the type of person he is.

Lucky for me, I get to go to Minnesota twice in one season. No less it's one of our best ones in a long time. I wanted to get this out to you guys if anyone is interested in donating. His website is pretty cool. He has pre-game videos from each stadium he's been at so far, rates each stadium, talks about the experience, makes predictions, etc.

Overall, it's just a pretty cool thing he is doing! He just got his website going: http://charitablefans.com/

If any of you guys are going to be around, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, we would love to meet up with you. We'll be downtown all throughout the trip I'm sure
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