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Enemy Fan Forums: Carolina Panthers

Post by Cliff » Thu Dec 07, 2017 7:30 am

The truth about the Panthers is that they can beat the Patriots in Foxboro, and lose to the Bears by 14 points despite Trubisky completing only 4 passes during the game. In games that we've lost we often haven't been competetive, but when we click we look dangerous. It's hard to say what Panthers team will show up.
The biggest issue for the Panthers is which running game will show up. We had a nice drive to start against NO but from there the run game fizzled out and it just became another game where we ended up relying on Cam to be superman and the numbskull Panthers fans scratch their heads looking for a way to blame Newton for the loss. Not all of the run game woes are on the RB's, there are issues with the way they are utilized and the mind numbing predictability of our up the middle runs don't help matters either.
If the Panthers can actually run the ball outside of Cam Newton, this will be a nice slug fest.
Carolina Panthers are currently 8-4 and the 6th seed in the NFC Playoffs
Week 14: Vikings at Panthers- Vikings are #1 seed of NFC
Week 15: Panthers at Green Bay- Likely to have Aaron Rodgers back.
Week 16: Bucs at Panthers- Bucs haven't been very good, but a Division game.
Week 17: Panthers at Falcons- Beat them earlier, but they're still a good team. Could have the final playoff spot implications.

Facing the #1 seed in the NFC at this time, and 2 potential Playoff teams in the final 4 weeks. I would not be surprised if the Panthers fail to make the playoffs this year. The Vikings, Saints, and Eagles have basically locked down spots. Seahawks are coming back hard and could catch the Rams, but the loser could grab the other Wild Card spot. Packs should win this week against Browns, and will have Aaron Rodgers ready to roll when we play them. Falcons could get hot again, and like I said earlier, that week 17 game could determine the final playoff position. Cowbioys and Lions need to win out, but is always doable. What's the confidence level of everyone? The Panthers need to go at minimum 2-2 these final 4 weeks to have a chance.
I think the pessimism comes from fans that have closely watched the team and all or 99 percent of the games in recent seasons. Because we know that many of these players are very talented, but they just continue to make really stupid mistakes and the coaches continue to be too conservative and refuse to adapt to what is happening in game.
The defense might still be ranked top 10 stats wise, but they haven't passed the eyeball test against good offenses and good quarterbacks. vs Brees 2x and Brady, and even some just decent QBs like McCown , have field days with our defense through the air and they have had big runs against them numerous times this season. They just aren't that good when facing a disciplined and efficient offense, which scares me against the Vikings. I have no faith whatsoever in their ability to cover passes in the middle of the field.
How about a little optimism from their base instead? lol
http://www.carolinahuddle.com/boards/to ... gs/?page=2
We match up way better with the Vikings than we do the Saints. We will win this game on Sunday. Atlanta will lose Thursday. And all will ok again.
I had a feeling I was going to come on here and see this prediction from Jeremy today, and I agree. We do indeed match up much better with the Vikings. Heck, if we had not been in the dome, I think we would have be beaten the Saints. These next 3 games at home we are going to show who we are. This will be a win! (I too predicted a loss to the Saints. Them coming off a loss and playing at home was too much to overcome...along with those 2 special teams gaffs, etc).
Home field, angry defense led by Luke after being embarrassed, Kalil and Captain against their former team might show some passion. I have a feeling we take this one. I can feel it in my gut, or maybe that is the burrito I ate earlier...
This is exactly the kind of game the Panthers win ... when they look bad a couple of games in a row, ones they were expected to win or at least be in a good etc... then they come up in a game most expect them to lose and be "crushed" AND they then come out and win/sometimes dominate. So while I am not guaranteeing a win or other but would not be suprised at all when they win. Go Panthers!
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Re: Enemy Fan Forums: Carolina Panthers

Post by 720pete » Thu Dec 07, 2017 11:26 am

lol I love the Kalil will play well comment.
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Re: Enemy Fan Forums: Carolina Panthers

Post by mansquatch » Thu Dec 07, 2017 12:18 pm

720pete wrote:lol I love the Kalil will play well comment.

I'm so glad they get to enjoy him now. Do not miss him at all.
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Re: Enemy Fan Forums: Carolina Panthers

Post by jackal » Thu Dec 07, 2017 1:33 pm

Article on Deadspin (warning language)$&@“$

Panthers are actively trying to kill their own quarterback.
How else to explain leaving him in the game after shots like
this, and with a shoulder that would later need offseason
surgery? Or paying Matt Kalil—MATT #### KALIL—$25 million
to protect his blindside? Do you know how insane that signing is?
I’m not just saying that because I’m a bitter Vikings fan and
watched Kalil play toll booth attendant to every defensive end
in the league for the past four seasons. No no, the rest of league
was also well aware of Kalil’s physical and mental fragility, and
the Panthers still opened the

..... toll booth attendant.... lmao
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Re: Enemy Fan Forums: Carolina Panthers

Post by 808vikingsfan » Fri Dec 08, 2017 12:00 am

Zimmer is the most criminally underrated coach in the league. His game plans have consistently shown why he is better at preparing than the coach on the opposite sideline every week.
Panthers are beat up, o-line is bad, lost all run game, very little momentum. Vikes are now in control of their own destiny.
I say Vikings by 3 scores.
Vikings have all the tools to demolish us, and we've been crazy inconsistent all season. Our defense has been regressing for a few games now and our secondary is easily attacked, while our receiving core is gutted and we can't get a running game going. The Vikings are an elite team capable of being super bowl contenders and are no doubt going to win their division.
In short, somehow we'll win next week because we're the Panthers and we make no **** sense
I hate to say it but Cam hasn't had an INT in 4 games...so "Bad" Cam is due to make an appearance....one of his stellar 11 - 28, 176 yards, 0 TD, 3 INT outings.
Than again he could go for 365 3 TDs and 95 rushing...I don't know anymore...
Vikings defense going to roast our offense. I feel like our defense bounces back though after that dud against the Saints. I'm going to say 24-13 Vikings in a pretty close game until the end.
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Re: Enemy Fan Forums: Carolina Panthers

Post by VikingLord » Fri Dec 08, 2017 2:06 pm

A bunch of fatalists on Reddit - they sound a lot like Vikings fans...

While I have no doubt the Vikings are the better team overall, it's an away game against a team looking for a strong bounce back at home after a tough loss on the road. The Panthers might not be as balanced overall as the Vikings, but they're still a winning team with a tough defense that should present some problems for the Vikings.
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Re: Enemy Fan Forums: Carolina Panthers

Post by Funkytown » Sat Dec 09, 2017 9:36 pm

Here is Purple Pain's weekly edition of Enemy Fan Forums:

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You guys can also check out our weekly edition of our opponent's Depth Chart Preview:

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Re: Enemy Fan Forums: Carolina Panthers

Post by w_huisman » Sun Dec 10, 2017 10:46 am

Holy crap... It’s game day.... Where is everybody?

PS- GO BROWNS! :whistle:
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