Zimmer knows.....

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Re: Zimmer knows.....

Post by DK Sweets » Sat Nov 18, 2017 2:38 pm

cstelter wrote:I won't pretend to know what is in Zimmer's mind, but I personally see some wisdom in giving a person the opportunity to succeed. If they do, both the player and the organization grow and improve. I like to think Zimmer is building a culture. Inspiring players despite poor play could well be a part of that. Eventually you have to let problematic parts of team go and replace them with better parts, but the very act of the timing of such a decision affects not only the short-term health of the team, but the long term culture of the team as well. I find it hard to imagine a lot of winning attitude if every player feels like they are one mistake from being replaced. OTOH, playing with confidence that a mistake is to be overcome with an even more exceptional positive play and you will be given an opportunity to do that is a winning culture IMO. The SEA playoff miss was such a mistake for Walsh. He was given an opportunity to overcome, but finally had to be released for the good of the team. But think of the upside if he *had* made it, regained form and carried on. Perhaps Zimmer thought *that* was something worth the risk.

Not at all sure if that spin is in any way shape or form related to reality, but I kind of like to think it might be.
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