NFC North month

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NFC North month

Post by jackal » Mon Sep 25, 2017 8:20 pm

Starting with Detroit next week, then Chicago
and finally the dreaded Packers at home we have
our shot at seperating ourselves in our division.

Detroit seems to be the best of the three teams
, so far this year. The Bears the weakest of our
division, but they did beat the steelers last week.
Packers always show up for us, no matter where we

Obviously winning all three games would give us
a great start to the season. 5-1 with a three and
O record in the north. I would say this year our
team is the most complete in all phases(offense,
defense, and special teams... since 2009).
2015 was our strongest year on defense in the
last decade. Hopefully we can enjoy four wins
in a row.

I believe ten wins gets us a playoff berth regardless
time will tell. Let's hope we see three straight good
team wins in a row. SKOL guys

Detroit during same time frame

Our house week four/ at home Carolina/ On road Saints

Bears during same time frame
@ Green Bay, Vikings @ Chicago, @ Baltimore
Bears could go 0/3 during this span

Pack during next three games
Bears @ Packers, @ Dallas, @ Vikings
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Re: NFC North month

Post by Demarates » Tue Sep 26, 2017 8:40 pm

Call me naive, but after beating the Bucs I don't see why we should not be able to take on Detroit at home.

Via my NFL account I play that Weekly Pick'em thing and so far the bets are pretty even (52-48 in favor of Detroit, I believe), so it will all come down to the form of the day and the refs calling some plays one way or the other.

The same goes for games against Green Bay and Chicago though, looks like NFC North is pretty evenly matched this season.
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