Vikings 2017-2018 season result

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Vikings 2017-2018 season result

Post by mike2mike » Sat Sep 09, 2017 3:37 pm

Loss Week 1 | Monday, Sept. 11 | vs. New Orleans Saints | 6:10 PM | ESPN
Brees proved too much for the defense and the Vikings offense can't get in the end zone enough. However they have several standout individual performances and moral victory in how they play tough and come back late and nearly pull off a comeback.

Edit: wow, the defense was a lot farther ahead than I expected, Zimmer does always seem to find a way to get his team to bounce back from an embarrassing performance (like preseason vs SF) wanted to believe

Loss Week 2 | Sunday, Sept. 17 | at Pittsburgh Steelers | Noon | FOX
Steelers are too good on offense as well and the OL still hasn't gelled yet. Mackenzie Alexander get smoked by Martavius Bryant and other talented WRs and people start the over reaction of worrying about our secondary. Blow out loss.

Actual: Vikings defense shot themselves in the foot and Steelers were too good. Bradford wasn't playing. The Vikes OL still hasn't gelled yet. Bryant scored on Newman (not Mac Alexander) after allowing the inside release and Barr didn't get enough depth and Sandejo couldn't get to him to prevent the TD. Other talented WR (Smith-Shuster) did well. Due to impressive performance in week 1 people aren't over reacting about the defense, yet but there is still a general emotion of overreaction and it is instead directed at the storyline of the game which is the penalties, Bradford, and coaching. I saw some people online calling for Zimmer's head a week earlier than I thought they would. We'll see if there are people at the Vikings home game verbally expressing complaints about Zimmer if they struggle and win ugly or lose which I still think they might.

Win Loss Week 3 | Sunday, Sept 24 | vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Noon | FOX
This one could easily be a win at home and it will be a close game but I think DeSean Jackson will cause us troubles with the run after the catch and Mike Evans is pretty vicious with snaring balls out of the air even so much so that this is a rare time when Rhodes may struggle. The overreactions continue and people start calling for Zimmer's head.

Actual:Looks like with the Bucs injured CBs and Gerald McCoy less than 100%, and Vikings defense farther along than I thought we made Bucs 1 dimensional and got an early lead which lead to early momentum that snowballed in the Vikes favor!

Without Bradford the Bucs at times dared us to beat them through the air which played to our strength attacking the ball aggressively downfield against their wounded secondary. At other times they had 2 deep safeties and Keenum attacked the cover 2. The Bucs actually did a pretty decent job against the run most of the game. Dominating the time of posession and run blocking for a lot of the game also helped us stay healthy while the Bucs wore out late in the game. The Bucs O was mostly shut down since they were predictable and one dimensional.

[ Vikings are 2 games ahead of schedule on my predictions, mostly healthy, and about to get at least one of the Floyds back with Teddy and/or Bradford probably not far behind.


We lost Win Week 4 | Sunday, Oct. 1 | vs. Detroit Lions | Noon | FOX
we win ugly which still bothers people but a win is a win.

I had us getting our first win here. Instead we got a loss but we are 2-2 and up one
Win Week 5 | Monday, Oct. 9 | at Chicago Bears | 7:30 PM | ESPN
Finally the Vikings get a decisive win on the road against a divisional opponent.

Looks like in some ways this was the ugly win i thought Detroit would be. So far many of the themes are the same but the exact time and details are off.

Projected at this point: 2-3.
Actual: 3-2.

Loss Week 6 | Sunday, Oct. 15 | vs. Green Bay Packers | Noon* | FOX
Actual: win as Rodgers goes down which results in flawed predictions for the exact playoff opponents.

Predicted Packers offense targets [MacKenzie Alexander] and early on have some success. Some switch finally turns on by the end of this game as the secondary and defense puts Greenbay to multiple three and outs late and the offense begins clicking but it is too little, too late.

Loss Week 7 | Sunday, Oct. 22 | vs. Baltimore Ravens | Noon* | CBS
Vikings lose again and are two and five. The calls for Zimmers head intensify to a peak.

There were actually some calls very early on that Zimmer had to start winning or be fired that sound like a joke now. But being as we crushed the Ravens, and the team is rolling, I'm going to pretend I never said that.

Win Week 8 | Sunday, Oct. 29 | at Cleveland Browns (London) | 8:30 AM | NFLN
Vikings win but people are pissed because it is the Browns and we barely pull off the win in London on neutral turf.
Actual: a win but it was closer than it should have been, particularly early on.

Week 9 | BYE WEEK
3-5 after the bye week. The offensive line isn't finally gelling, the offense is finally getting in the end zone and the secondary has turned a corner, Floyd is in the lineup and doing well, Treadwell is making strides, Hunter is beasting, the LBers are improving, Cook is finally pass blocking and everyone is pissed because the Vikings are 3-5 and from the looks of things not headed to the playoffs.
Actual: since the 2-2 start the team is on fire and clicking the record is better than predicted, the Vikings turned the corner earlier than predicted in spite of injuries to Bradford which I thought wouldn't happen until the playoffs when Teddy was ready to take over. I didn't see Cook injury but Murray recovering to 100% from injury and Floyd coming backand Teddy leading by example back to health is one of many reasons I thought Vikings would start slower and come on stronger later.

Loss Week 10 | Sunday, Nov. 12 | at Washington Redskins | Noon* | FOX
Another loss after a bye week which isn't too uncommon for teams to not get up to speed. Another powerful offense as a Cousins, Pryor, Doctson, Crowder, Reed,Davis, Kelly/Perine offense is too much for us to shut out and the offense actually gets into the end zone more but it isn't still not enough.

Actual WIN. Redskins had some injuries which changed their offensive balance that I was worried about coming off a bye, Vikings offense really came out strong and impressive but almost gave the Redskins a chance to win.

Win Week 11 | Sunday, Nov. 19 | vs. Los Angeles Rams | Noon* | FOX
We are totally built to take the will out of teams likewhat the Rams were last year that can force our offense to take field goals. Their offense doesn't move despite Jared Goff having a massively improved year having learned an offense that was like learning Chinese compared to what he knew in college and Gurley being a great runner and Tavon Austin being a total threat and Watkins clicking and Robert Woods. Goff will look like a new QB if he can start processing faster and firing right away rather than taking too long thinking about everything.
Actual: my best prediction so far. Rams were even more impressive of an offense that few people foresaw coming. I'll admit that despite the way it reads, even I didn't expect Goff and the Rams to be this much improved on offense but nevertheless we took the will out of them in the forth quarter.

Win Week 12 | Thursday, Nov. 23 | at Detroit Lions | 11:30 AM | FOX
The Lions defense is just bad enough to allow our offense to move the chains frequently and we are starting to get in the endzone more as an offense. The Lions offense is really good but we match up well no end that our secondary is clicking as press coverage disrupts the short routes and the DL can crash into their backfield and LBERS can run with Riddick or Abdullah's to the flat.
Actual: our offense moved the chains frequently and this prediction looks pretty good. I saw some things late in the game I didn't love but we held on for the Thanksgiving win.

Win Week 13 | Sunday, Dec. 3 | at Atlanta Falcons | Noon* | FOX
Our most impressive win as the Falcons powerful offense is limited and Julio Jones is shut down by Rhodes while Taylor Gabriel is contained and Sanu doesn't do too much damage either.
Actual: see above. I forgot to mention limiting the run game early but pretty good!

Win Week 14 | Sunday, Dec. 10 | at Carolina Panthers | Noon* | CBS
Greg Olsen makes plays on us and McCafrey makes plays on us but the offense takes it up a notch and scores enough points to win.
Actual: Loss. Olsen wasn't 100% so the Panthers gameplan was a little different. Vikings got off to a rough start due to consecutive penalties that sort of shifted the balance of power and made wearing them down more difficult but the theme of plays being made on us and our offense taking it up a notch were correct. Too bad it took until the last drive of the 1st half and especially the 4th quarter until we woke up. This was more of a high scoring affair then most would expect so although it is an incorrect prediction combined with the rest of them I'm pretty excited at how my predictions are going.

Win Week 15 | Sunday, Dec. 17 | vs. Cincinnati Bengals | Noon* | CBS
Zimmer takes on his former team. Dalton gets pressured a ton and turns into a terrible QB when pressured, AJ Green gets a couple rare jump balls on Rhodes much like Mike Evans did but Smith Picks off Dalton twice and Dalton gets sacked a lot. The offense will have to do well enough to put up pints as The Bengals cannot be allowed to simply run the ball effectively but I think they will emerge into a powerfully offense by now.
Actual: holy crap we didn't just win, we dominated them. Their offense got like 4 first downs all game! The last prediction was technically wrong but the details were pointing the right way. This one was technically right but the detail about AJ Green getting some jump balls on Rhodes requires their offense to get a few first downs at least. Dalton was sacked and pressured a lot and did look so bad they pulled him late in the game.

Win Week 16 | Saturday, Dec. 23 | at Green Bay Packers | 7:30 PM | NBC
We go into the Packers house and win our 6th in a row to give us playoff hopes with 9 total wins despite the rough start.
Of course we win when Packers are without Rodgers. But it was a shutout.

Win Week 17 | Sunday, Dec. 31 | vs. Chicago Bears | Noon* | FOX
Vikings win to secure a playoff berth they would have still backed into with a loss but nice to win.
We won again in mostly impressive fashion on defense minus the trickery on the punt.
I predicted 10-6 after a rough start, actual was 13-3 with a quicker turn around from the rough start that was only 2-2 so not that rough.

Playoff predictions:

Vikings win their first playoff game against the Cowboys after they narrowly take their tough division over the Redskins (if Redskins stay healthy on offense).
They win their second playoff game against the Seahawks after Blair Walsh hits the field goal sending It into overtime and hits the field goal in overtime on opening drive... but the Vikings respond with a cold blooded 35 yard touchdown on 3rd and 8 to Michael Floyd.
They play the Packers for the NFC and down by 6 points Rodgers hail marry succeeds to make the game winning touchdown!! But then the Packers extra point is blocked! Headed to overtime! Bradford goes down to injury on a 2nd and long sack. Teddy Bridgewater comes in and climbs the pocket and delivers a strike to Diggs. The crowd chants! Teddy! Teddy! Another 3rd and long and Teddy fires to Thielen on the sideline. "Teddy! Teddy!" Teddy finally throws a deep pass to forgotten man Jarius Wright for a deep TD strike and after they were written off with a 3-6 start, the Vikings Are going to the Super Bowl!!

Vikings-Steelers Super Bowl
Plenty of storylines as the Vikings play the team that blew them out in week two facing their former defensive coordinator Mike Tomlin with plenty of matchup to watch. MacKenzie Alexander is a totally differently player this time around and he picks off two passes and shuts his guy down. But the Steelers offense still proves explosive with Leveon Bell running the ball down our throats and Antonio Brown put in motion and all over the field to keep Xavier Rhodes off of him. Steelers take an early lead 8-0 and then a Teddy fumble leads to 14-0 lead as Steelers fail the 2pt conversion this time. As the Vikings claw their way back to 14-3 the Steelers respond again with an Antonio Brown punt return touchdown 22-3. Then Teddy takes control of the offense and begins lighting up the Steelers and the Vikings scoreone TD to make it 22-10. Steelers drive down in field goal range on 2nd down but a sack puts them out of field goal range to bring up 3rd and long. They take a time out and with 10 seconds left their attempt to go to the sideline is picked off by MacKenzie Alexander and he nearly runs back a TD with 10 seconds left but is tackled out of bounds as time runs out. Foretunately there is a facemask penalty that gives us another play and we kick a fieldgoal to go into the half 22-13 Steelers and Vikings down 9 points. The Steelers score a TD and 2pt conversion dagger to go up 30-13 after a long opening drive. Teddy responds and Kyle Rudolph touchdown makes it 30-20 but too much time off the clock as we enter the 4th Qtr. The defense firms up and Teddy brings us in field goal range 30-23. Defense gets the ball back after a 3 and out and Teddy again drives downfield but with 6minutes left Vikings kick another fieldgoal to make I think 30-26. Vikings line up for onside kick and try to pooch kick it but Antonio Brown runs up and catches it on the run and gets loose to make it 37-26 after the TD. The Vikings score a TD just before the 2minute warning and fail the 2 point conversion to make it 37-32. They fail to get the onside kick and on top of that emotions get the best of Stefan Diggs. A 15 yard penalty on the kickoff and a failed onside kick put the Steelers in fieldgoal range after 3 stops using up 1 remaining timeouts plus 2minute warning leaves about 1:10 on the clock after the fieldgoal attempt hits the goalpost. Teddy drives down field, works the sideline, takes the middle of the field, spike said the ball fires a strike runs up and spikes it and as time expires he finds Rodney Adams in the back of the endzone! 37-38! Vikings take a knee rather than attempt extra point and win Super Bowl LII.

Teddy Bridgewater delivers a 350 yard 4TD performance in the game of his life as Minnesota becomes the first team to win a Super Bowl in their own city.

They said Vikings will win a Super Bowl when Pigs fly and hell freezes over but days ago after hurricane Harvey hit a pig farm literally sending pigs flying we have the elements in place!

After all, I'm pretty sure hell freezes over is just called Februrary in Minnesota.

REVISED 1/1/2018
Eagles get a BYE
Vikings get a BYE and are probably the front runners in the NFC to get to the Super Bowl with Carson Wentz down.
AFC have Steelers and Patriots as the front runners to make the Super Bowl.
Vikings cannot play the 6th seeded Falcons unless they upset the Rams and then upset the Eagles.

I'll have some revised predictions soon.
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Re: Vikings 2017-2018 season result

Post by Laserman » Mon Sep 11, 2017 8:01 am

Gotta love optimism like that !!!! Tell you what, if anything like this remotely happens I will Fly to where you are and buy you the best steak in town :govikes:
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Re: Vikings 2017-2018 season result

Post by autobon7 » Mon Sep 11, 2017 2:12 pm

Obviously you are a Teddy fan.....I don't care who is the QB as long as they can bring home the SB win. I doubt we see Teddy at all this year but who knows. My personal opinion is that Bradford is the better QB but this year is a prove it year. :popcorn:
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Re: Vikings 2017-2018 season result

Post by mansquatch » Mon Sep 11, 2017 3:09 pm

SB gave us the season we said TB needed to give us after 2015. A lot of people seem to have forgotten TB's performance in 2015. (14 TD / 9 INT.)

This is going to be a very interesting year IMO.

Both the RB corps and OL are completely revamped. There is literally no tape on what these guys can do or what their tendencies are. Remmers and Reiff have individual tape, but this offense as a group and the feature back have zero tape. That is going to give them a few weeks until DC start to figure them out. This is an advantage that should be seized.

It also means that we, as fans, have ZERO clue what the offense is going to like. Comparisons on the OL to last year are silly. Only two of the five starters played snaps for the Vikings in 2015 and only one of those guys was a starter. The RB are completely new. (This is a big deal, the backs last year were awful. Asiata got cut by the Lions.) That by itself basically means that 2/3 of the offense is a different animal. Does that mean it is going ot be amazing? No. But it does mean that 2016 isn't really a reasonable base line for expectations on performance.

Count me as in the column of optimistic that this group can be a lot better in terms of production than what we saw in 2016. If the Defense can play on par to how it played in 2016, then this team could put up an extremely competitive season.
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Re: Vikings 2017-2018 season result

Post by mike2mike » Mon Sep 11, 2017 10:30 pm

autobon7 wrote:Obviously you are a Teddy fan.....I don't care who is the QB as long as they can bring home the SB win. I doubt we see Teddy at all this year but who knows. My personal opinion is that Bradford is the better QB but this year is a prove it year. :popcorn:
I'm A Vikings fan so I'm a Bradford and Teddy fan. But I love a good comeback story. The fact we put Teddy on PUP list rather than waiting until the year starts and put him on the IR with possibility to return seems to me to suggest we think he has some sort of chance to be ready in 6-8 weeks. I thought Teddy was better at moving in the pocket and was smart and a quick learner ready to take a leap forward before the injury... Bradford obviously has a lot of strengths as well, and is more proven at this point. Looks good especially with a full offseason where we can implement a lot more wrinkles and audibles. I just thought this would be a good storyline and fun prediction.
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Re: Vikings 2017-2018 season result

Post by mike2mike » Fri Sep 22, 2017 2:01 pm

FYI I'm going to add in edits recapping actual results after each game.

I also want to say that it looks like Bradford's injury is going to be a part of the adversity that Vikes need to overcome and part of the early season struggle I predicted. We are one game ahead of where I predicted even if we lose this week.... but the Bradford injury occurred way earlier than I thought and his comeback may be part of the storyline if it isn't Teddy.

Oddly enough I actually think we still have a good chance of beating Tampa Bay and perhaps even slightly better than I thought despite no Bradford as our defense is still a little farther along than I thought even though Waynes on Jackson on a deep ball or on Mike Evans with safety help seems scary right now, I think Waynes is still trying to get comfortable turning his hips later(but not too much later) and using his speed to close the gap as Vikings have wanted him to. I think he has to learn to trust his instincts at some point. I think with no Bradford we lose to Lions and beat the Bears if he isn't back by then but I'll still stick to the same predictions.

Bradford's injury in a weird way makes my prediction of a rough start and getting better after mid season almost seem better because the storyline will be scraping by as it was predicted before and the return of Teddy AND/OR Bradford will be a major storyline and potentially a bigger part of the reason the Vikes could get hot after the bye week. It's also the emotional boost the Vikes will need if things go the way they seem like they might.

It's very unusual for teams that have to play 3 or 4 QBs in the year as I anticipate we will-- but I will stick with my predictions despite Bradford seeking second opinion and possibly getting surgery which could be 8-12 weeks for all we know.
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