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Here are the answers to the previous set of questions. Thank you for reading and responding!
Terry Allen
Rick Danmeier
Wendell Tyler
Joey Browner
Joey Harrington
Antoine Winfield
Rick Fenney

September 11, 1988
Vikings 36 Patriots 6
A former Ivy League tight end has 5 catches for 86 yards. He was a 6-time Pro Bowler who only played for the Vikings (1982-1994). He stands at #3 on the all-time Viking reception list. He is also #6 in receiving yards and #8 in scoring catches. Can you name him?
Minnesota has 3 interceptions at the expense of a quarterback who is #4 on the all-time Patriot list in rushing touchdowns and #2 in touchdown passes. Can you name this Kansas State product?

September 12, 1976
Vikings 40 at Saints 9
Minnesota gets 2 rushing touchdowns from a running back who had been a #5 draft pick out of Arizona State. He only played with the Vikings (1973-1979) and had 1,207 career rushing yards. Can you name him?

September 13, 1964
Vikings 34 Colts 24
Fran Tarkenton has a 48-yard scoring pass to a fullback from Illinois who played with Minnesota (1962-1974). He was versatile enough to catch 286 passes while rushing for nearly 6,000 yards. He is #4 on the team's all-time list in rushing yards and #2 in rushing touchdowns. Can you name him?
The Vikings survive 2 scoring pass plays of 70 yards each from John Unitas to a Hall of Fame running back from Penn State who had been the 1956 NFL Rookie of the Year and a 2-time NFL champion (1958-1959). He only played with the Colts and is still in the top 7 in all franchise rushing and receiving categories. Can you name him?

September 14, 2003
Vikings 24 Bears 13
Daunte Culpepper throws 2 scoring passes to a tight end from North Dakota who had been a 2nd round draft pick. He played only with Minnesota (1999-2011). He caught 192 passes but is mainly recalled for his fierce blocking. Can you name him?

September 15, 1996
Vikings 20 at Bears 14
Minnesota pulls away from a tie game in the 4th quarter on 2 field goals by a kicker from Georgia Tech. He had earlier failed with the Patriots and acquired an unfortunate nickname. He only played with the Vikings in 1996, making 22 of 29 field goal tries. Can you name him?
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