Vikings sign OT Mike Remmers, formerly of the Panthers

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Re: Vikings sign OT Mike Remmers, formerly of the Panthers

Post by fiestavike » Tue Mar 14, 2017 9:25 am

chicagopurple wrote:I am just so desperate to see a season with great pass protection and run blocking.....its sad how long it has been since I could say that! I really enjoyed watching the Cowboys (UGH!) this year just for that was pretty awesome watching their front line.
Personally I agree with you. I would prefer to see that type of line and that style of play. The truth is, we aren't going to play that style anymore, so it wouldn't make sense to build that kind of line. Just look at what they do in detroit and carolina in their run games. we grabbed two mediocre pass protectors who run block well and have experience with running lots of draw plays. We're going to be out of the shotgun a lot, with quick passing plays and delayed run plays. You don't need the cowboys line to run that offense, and it would be a poor investment unless you are going to go out and hire Norv Turner back.

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Re: Vikings sign OT Mike Remmers, formerly of the Panthers

Post by Dakotavike » Tue Mar 14, 2017 10:54 am

You know guys, the way I see it is this. We all know we had one of the worst teams in regards to O-line play last year. I don' think we should ever 'settle' but if we can even upgrade to 'average' line play that's a jump of like 15 or 16 spots. That's a pretty marked improvement. Now whether or not that happens remains to be seen!

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Re: Vikings sign OT Mike Remmers, formerly of the Panthers

Post by Pondering Her Percy » Tue Mar 14, 2017 11:08 am

chicagopurple wrote:Chicago, GB, Carolina, and many other teams are all looking to shore up their OL this year. On top of that, as you admit, its a weak draft year for the positions. On top of that, the teams all had a bump in their player budget limits increasing their spending....its a perfect storm to create over paid journeyman players......and we fell right into the mess.

10 teams signed a free agent tackle this offseason, we were the only team to sign two. That is nowhere close to being "every team" like you say. I mean every team is looking for depth along the OL every year. This isnt just something new. Listen, at least we arent Seattle who has a worse OL than we do and only sign garbage Luke Joekel in return..... and we say Spielman ignores the OL :confused

The more tackles that get signed, the better chance we have one fall on our lap come draft day.

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Re: Vikings sign OT Mike Remmers, formerly of the Panthers

Post by MikethePurple » Tue Mar 14, 2017 1:05 pm

fiestavike wrote: Reiff is the only concern because of the amount guaranteed and the 3 year true nature of the deal. Would prefer it had either been cheaper or for 2 years. Sounds like Remmers is a team friendly deal to me.
Yes, I wonder if some of this is due to the supposed lack of quality in the draft this year and the huge competition for signing tackles in free agency this year as well. The Vikings could be viewing Reiff as moveable in terms of going back to right tackle if they are able to upgrade at the left side at some point while he's here. And taking into consideration the team friendly, year to year basis of Remmers deal it allows for flexibility yet stability if they can't find anything better.

I'd say the moves aren't spectacular, but given the absolute s-storm the line was last year, the lack of top notch players at the position available in free agency and the draft, and the amount of teams who need tackle help it hasn't been the worst strategy. But that's also not to give them a pass for the role Spielman has played in letting the line get to this point. I guess its more of a decent strategy dealing with the mess you are in right now without completely getting into a financial mess when looking down the line at players they absolutely must resign to long term deals coming up shortly.

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