2017 Vikings schedule

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2017 Vikings schedule

Post by RFIP » Wed Dec 07, 2016 11:04 pm

There are 2 games (opponents) that will be based on the Vikings and other teams divisional finish but for the purpose here I will use the current positions of each team as they stand today (Vikings in 2nd in North)

2017 Home Opponents

New Orleans Saints
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Baltimore Ravens
Cincinnati Bengals
NFC West Opponent (currently Arizona)
Chicago Bears
Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers

2017 Away Opponents

Atlanta Falcons
Carolina Panthers
Cleveland Browns
Pittsburgh Steelers
NFC East Opponent (NY Giants)
Chicago Bears
Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers

For those who may not understand how the schedule is made up, every team in each division plays the same 14 opponents with the final two "cross-over teams" based on divisional finish this year.

As an example, if things finish they way they are now with Detroit winning the division and Vikings 2nd the Vikings (see above) 2 cross-over games are vs Arizona and the Giants whereas the Lions would have to play Dallas and Seattle. GB would get the Redskins and Rams as their cross-over games.

For the record I really like how the above schedule shakes out.
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